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To better support the employees Medtronic can and should increase employer’s contribution percentages. This will cut the costs the employee has to pay for premiums and or out of pocket expense. Point in fact it will cut the cost employees have to pay for out of network coverage.
Medtronic should implement that employees choose an in network or out of network provider. Employees that have a long-standing relationship with their PCP should not be penalized if there not in their network. At this moment Definity Health is the only carrier that provides this option for the employees.
Employees should also be given the option of self-referrals. For instance, an employee goes to their PCP because they have chronic neck and back pain, there doctor doesn’t give them a referral for a specialist, the employee might incur out of pocket expense because they want to get some relief for the pain there are suffering. If the employee wants to get a second opinion, they should do so without incurring the out of pocket expense.
The out of pocket cost should be a reduction to consider. These are costs that are associated with high deductibles, out of network and co-insurance. “Persistent cost increases continue to plague small-business owners causing great concern among owners of all firm sizes and across all industries.” (The Cost Of Health Insurance Is A Big Problem For Small Business, 2016)
“For many employers, however, the price of benefits is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Health care coverage is the largest employee-related expense for U.S. employers.” (Managing Health Care Cost, 2017) Business that have over a certain amount of employees can negotiate they’re for low price with better coverage. “Large employers are entering deals directly with health systems that give them more negotiating power over rates and the quality of care.” (National Journal, n.d.)
Currently there are over 10,500 employees at Medtronic’s. The company would have the opportunity to negotiate premium and coverages for their employees, any health insurance carriers would take advantage of working with this prestige’s company. HR philosophy to keep the employees engage reducing outside concerns would benefit from reducing the cost of health care plans.


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