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To be academically honest means not to cheat or copy of someone. It can also be described as a relationship between a teacher and a student. Having academic integrity means that teachers and others can trust you.

Also, many jobs or employers prefer to hire people that are honest and kind. If you have a history of being dishonest, but you are still very smart you might not get the job offers you hope for. Many employers also prefer to hire graduates that they believe to have high integrity. It is important for students to be honest and not cheat because it shows the type of person you are. For example, if you take a math test first period and your friend is taking the test fifth period, why would it be fair if you let him know how the test was even though you didn’t know.

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If you cheat off someone and somehow get away with it you are only cheating yourself. You are preventing yourself from learning, and if you didn’t do so good on a test you are preventing yourself of learning from your mistakes. Academic Honesty is very important in education. It helps people progress in their path of knowledge. Honesty is the main key to success in life or education. Every human being on earth has their own point of views or perspectives so it’s unlikely you will have the same opinion as another person.


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