To young age, I liked fixing electronics that

To Whom It May Concern

Before I graduated high school, I always thought
that being an engineer was what appealed to me. Mostly because that was what I
pictured myself doing at a young age, I liked fixing electronics that needed to
be fixed, and I loved to help people. Being the 1st child
(technically the 2nd because I have a twin sister) out of five, I
was the go-to person whenever there were little faults with gadgets and
household appliances. By my 1st year in senior high school, I got into
the science class, usually for those that wanted to study Medicine, Engineering
and other related courses in the University. I felt like I had found my

Months into the science class, I realised that
Engineering might not be for me after all. My grades were plummeting, mostly in
the science subjects, and I did not feel confident that I could finish a term
without having to repeat the class. I had the option of going to the Arts or
Social Science class to finish out the rest of high school. The fact that I
liked to lend a hand to people, and put things back into working order had not
changed. Because of this, I opted for the Arts, having Law in mind as a career
path for me once I got into the University.

At the University, what started out as a second
option for me, evolved to be my best decision yet. I loved the law, and
everything that came with it. I most especially developed interest in
Corporate/Commercial Law, and I was intrigued by how the law affected the rights,
associations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce,
merchandising and trade.

Since graduating from the University, I have been
licensed to practice in Nigeria as a member of the Nigerian Bar Association
upon passing the Bar exams in 2016. I also have the right of audience in lower
and higher courts, and I have worked in progressively more challenging and
interesting roles in various areas of law.

I seek admission to the LLM in International Corporate
Law Programme at _______ because I see your institution as the best venue for
me to advance my education and professional footing since _________ is
recognised as one of most excellent centres of legal education in the world. The
prospect of attending the world-renowned ____University, located in a city that
is perhaps the world’s most dynamic legal market, participating and
contributing my experiences in the LLM program is incredibly exciting to me. I
see your syllabus as the perfect facilitator to enhance my understanding of how
to combine theory with practice. Your distinguished professors will guarantee
that I can fully synthesize the dynamism of the school, empowering and
encouraging me to authenticate my experiences and put them to work.

For the future, I look forward to excelling in a
leading multinational law practice or multinational company, specializing in
international commercial and corporate law and employing my international
cross-border transaction experiences.  I will never forget where I have
come from, and intend assisting people from all areas with their legal needs.

 I know that the program attracts many well
qualified applicants; however I do indisputably believe that I am an
exceptional candidate. My academic results evince the fact that I possess the required
academic ability and work ethic to profit from the program; my work experience
will enable me to supply functional insights and to ‘add value’ to my class. My
major reference is my zeal for the study of corporate law and in contributing
to its efficacy and its future improvement locally and internationally.  I
undertake to participate earnestly and passionately in the program and to do
all I can to stand out within it.

I thank you for consideration of my application for admission to your





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