Title: treatment classes also reported greater overall

Title: Need a reminder? The effects of a reminder app on anxiety and academic accomplishment Background: Many studies have indicated that homework is a strong predictor of academic achievement, but it is often ineffective due to students failure to complete it. Aim: Investigate the usefulness of a homework reminder application (app) with regards to homework completion, as well as how it affects anxiety and learning satisfaction. Methods: A total of 300 undergraduate business students were chosen to participate in the study. The students were divided into two classes: treatment classes were introduced to the app by their professors, while control classes were not directly introduced to the app.

At the end of the semester, a survey was administered to all 300 students, to which 225 students responded. The survey asked questions regarding assignment completion, anxiety, and organization and time management.Results: The study found that students in the treatment classes completed more assignments, were more organized, and had less anxiety compared to those in the control classes. Students in the treatment classes also reported greater overall learning satisfaction with the course.

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Conclusion: The results indicate that using a homework reminder app increases executive functioning by increases time management and organization, which helps to reduce anxiety increase the number of completed assignments. Further studies would need to be conducted in order to measure how a homework reminder app affect a student’s overall grade.


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