Title of US intelligence. In August 2014, the

                                                     TitleEdward Snowden Ethical Issue Name- Dhagash Mineshkumar BhavsarStudent ID-1111159Subject code –ICT710      Executive Summary                     In June 2013,the former NSA provider, Edward Snowden, committed the largest and mostdestructive classified information in the history of US intelligence. In August2014, the Chair and Member of the House Standing Committee on Home Affairs(HPSCI) instructed its staff to conduct a full review of unauthorizeddisclosure. The purpose of the review was to allow the committee to explain toother members of the Congress – and possibly the American people – how thisviolation took place, what the US government knows about the author and whethersafety is the defect marked has been corrected.                   Over thenext 2 year, the citizens committee requested one C of written document in theIntelligence information Community (IC), they took some information andgathered some personalization committees, attended Snowden’s backgroundactivities and interview with the major acquaintances and travel to theNational Security Agency in Hawaii.

Visit Snowden’s last two work position.Based on the Snowden-based review, it has been able to remove more than 1500classified advertisement documents through secure NSA networks, 1.5 trilliondocuments received and national security caused by damage.                   According to (Anon., 2016), the committee’s review did not come to fruition in Russia since it was released on June 23, 2013. Accordingly, the committee has not interviewed any persons identified by the Ministry of Justice as possible. Witnesses in Snowden’s trial, including Snowden himself, nor did the committee ask for any matters that might have taken place before a grand jury. Instead, the IC equipped the committee with other people who had the same knowledge as the possible witnesses.

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Similarly, committee staff interviewed Snowden’s NSA staff and supervisors. The committee remains confident that Snowden wants to return to the United States to face the Judiciary.                   Every coin has to side likethat some people says that Edward Snowden is whistle blower and he ran away. Onthe other hand some folk says that he did the right thing.  Contents Executive Summary.

2 List of Abbreviations and assumptions made: 4 Introduction: 5 Analysis of the situation using the Doing Ethics Technique: 6 What is going on?. 6 What are the facts?. 6 What are the issues?.

7 Who is affected?. 7 What are the ethical issues and implications?. 8 What can be done about it?.

8 What options are there?. 9 Which option is best – and why?. 9 Analysis of the situation from the point of view of an ICT Professional using the ACS Code of Ethics: 10 Conclusions and Recommendations: 12 Reference list using Harvard referencing: 13                List of Abbreviations and assumptions made:  There aresome major issues in the world and Edward Snowden is also very big name when itcomes to say about global issue that world notice about it. A subject ofcontroversy, Snowden has been variously called a hero, a whistle blower, a dissident , apatriot and a traitor.

 According to (Representatives, n.d.)Snowdencommunicated using encryptedemail and going by the codename “Verax”.

Heasked not to be quoted at length for fear of identification by stylometry In accountspublished in June 2013, interviewers noted that Snowden’s laptop displayedstickers supporting Internet freedom organizations including the ElectronicFrontier Foundation (EFF) and the Tor Project.Snowdenstated that he was “neither traitor nor hero. I’m an American.

“Snowden traveled to Hong Kong after working at an NSA facility in Hawaii, and in early June he revealed thousands of NSA secret documents to journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Ewen MacAskill. The US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Snowden for violating the 1917 spy law and stealing State property. He flew to Moscow, Russia, where he stayed more than a month. The Russian authorities granted him asylum for one year, which was later extended to three years. Since 2016, he still lives in a secret place in Russia, while he seeks asylum elsewhere. His revelations sparked debates about mass surveillance, government secrecy and the balance between national security and privacy.

Accordingto (CNN, 2017) Ellsberg posted tohis Twitter page: “Edward Snowden has done more for our Constitution in termsof the Fourth and First Amendment than anyone else I know.                    Introduction: Edward Snowden (Wikipedia, n.d.)It’s a name that has been in history books for centuries.

He is considered a traitor or whistleblower, depending on where you look. Many Americans believe that Edward Snowden is a traitor who sold secrets of the United States aimed at harming the nation. Others believe that he was simply a US citizen who exercised the right to disclose the government for unconstitutional actions Most people are feeling cheated. Recently, the situation is similar, with this difference being a bigger size.

Edward Snowden is a technical contractor for the NSA and the CIA. (Wikipedia, n.d.) He has published personal information about millions of people to prove that the US government is registering the communications of their peoples. This renegade has undermined the confidence of the CIA, the NSA and their employers to keep this information secret. Furthermore, it threatens the security of US citizens. Snowden must be kept secret as a technical contractor in the CIA and the NSA.

As an employee, he is required to listen to his voice, even if he does not agree. He did not do it this time! “By deciding to unilaterally reveal the NSA’s secret documents, Snowden prohibits all of these things” said David Brooks of The New York Times. His promise as well as his contract. At a time known to the Americans, he betrayed exactly the organization trying to protect the United States By betraying the organizations that the Americans want to protect, Snowden has put us all in danger. “The exposure of the PRISM program, according to which the NSA monitors foreign terrorists on the Internet, and the expiration of a top-secret judicial order that forces Verizon to share call data with the government is extremely damaging to national security , which they did not have on our collection activities, “said Washington Post columnist Marc Theissen. This means that Edward Snowden has released important information about the United States government. Foreign terrorists now know they can be seen in the United States. Terrorists are now more likely to develop strategies to avoid being listened to and monitored.

Because Snowden leaked this information, the work of the US government to protect its citizens has become more difficult.                    Edward Snowden has violated the trust the CIA, NSA, and his bosses had in him to keep this information a secret. This means he has put us citizens in danger.

Some people think that his spreading of this information is heroic.                     Analysis of the situation usingthe Doing Ethics Technique:EdwardSnowden, working at NSA is responsible for what may turn out to be the mostsignificant leak of classified information in U.S. history. He admitted topassing classified documents to reporters at The Guardian and The WashingtonPost—revealing details of NSA surveillance programs that collect and performdata mining on hundreds of millions of U.S.

phone and Internet traffic recordsto identify possible links to known terrorists so after doing this thing somepeople think he is whistle blower and some think he is hero so now let’s try tosolve via using Ethics Technique.What is going on? Because of Snowden’s activity it caused enormous damage to national security and to the vastnessMost of the documents he has stolen have nothing to do with programs that affect individual interests of privacy, belong more to the military, the defense? And intelligence programs Great interest for the opponents of (australia, 2013)America. Snowdenadmitted to passing classified documents to reporters at The Guardian and TheWashington Post and after went to Russia he insist that he didn’t provide thatdata to anyone but  in June 2016 Russianchairman conceded that Edward Snowden had provide data to Russian government.So like that here too much controversies are being created. Is Snowdena whistle-blower or a traitor and should be punished it depends on the personto person.What are the facts?  –       Snowden was working at NSA-       He claimedto have left A-y basic training because of broken legs when in fact he washedout because of shin splints. –       Snowden has a classified informationto media-       Snowden (Guardian, n.d.

)Talk with mediamember with encrypted mail so not one can trace him.-       He was ableto remove more than 1.5million classified documents from secure NSA networks, andthe 1.

5 million documents and the damage their removal caused to nationalsecurity.-       It was one of the most significantleak of the country-       NSA use surveillance to collect dataof US citizens two weeks beforeSnowden began mass downloads of classified documents, he was reprimanded afterengaging in a workplace spat with NSA managers.-       After hehad compiled a large store of documents, Snowden told his NSA supervisor thathe needed a leave of absence to undergo treatment for epilepsy, a conditionrecently diagnosed-       Snowdensaid (story, 2015)”I’m willing tosacrifice my former life because I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S.government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for peoplearound the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretlybuilding,” after the fact, in a series of interviews given in his HongKong hotel room.-       Snowden wasnot a whistle blower (Representatives, n.

d.) Under the law,publicly revealing classified information does not qualify someone as a whistleblower. Whatare the issues?-       Snowden leaked the informationfrom NSA he stole 1.

5 million documents. –       Snowden fled the countrybecause of the thread that US government sent him to jail he ran away from USA.-       The information leaked was ahighly classified.

If the information can go to terrorist then it might be bigissue for USA.-       Government keep tracing thePhone calls of every person who lives in US without taking permission ofcitizens.-       Privacy is not there if thepersonal document are revealed to public. And it cause big issue to country. Who is affected?-       The main impact of this issue is on tostakeholders.

–       The US citizen who lived in democraticcountry and the same country hiding data from them so now they aware of thatwhat government doing with folk.-       Second who got affected is governmentbecause if you have to make transparency with the people who gave the power tocarry forward country’s growth. –       Media is also got affected by this butpositively.

They are the one who became the medium for sending the message fromSnowden.-       If the data gone to the terrorist sothey know the secret data about US government so they might know the weaknessand they attack on that so this is very major issue.What are the ethical issues and implications? According to Snowden (news, 2013) decided to leave the US and he told the Guardian: “I don’t want tolive in a society that does these sort of things… I do not want to live in aworld where everything I do and say is recorded.”In total, 52% say they are “very worried” or “slightly concerned” about US government data and communications oversight, compared to 46% who say they are “not very worried” or “not worried at all “. Monitoring. First (kerr, 2015), the rest of Mr. Snowden’s revelations never satisfied the characteristics of the original revelations in Section 215, many of Snowden’s stories filled only details of programs we already knew. Naturally, the stories were written to create the impression of a scandal.

But many times they’ve just told us that the NSA is doing pretty much what you suspected.Second, prosperity and a variety of stories have become difficult to establish a proper response. A single narrative may lead to a single reaction. But hundreds of different stories that may or may not suggest a problem depending on the perspective, and describe the various aspects of different programs, Snowden’s supporters think that each story gives more fuel to the same fire. But I think it came from many people, because hundreds of clouds of smoke, each of which may be detected by investigation, are caused by a fire that is hard to comprehend as a whole.What can be done aboutit?                   First, they confirmed that the US government.

Routine collection of telephone records of millions of Americans who do not have terrorism without receiving any court order. Thanks to Snowden and the Guardian and the Washington Post, we now have reason to doubt the truth of this testimony. In the words of Snowden (Newyorker, 2013) “The NSA has a built infrastructure, which allows you to intercept almost everything with this ability, the vast majority of human communication is automatically executed without visa. If I wanted to see the email or phone his wife made.

I have everything to see, the use of interception. I can see your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards. ” This is the valuable role that whistleblowers play in a free society, and this is what, in each case against weigh the breach of trust they commit and the potential harm that their revelations may produce. In some cases, the interests of the State may prevail. Here, however, the scales are clearly inclined in favor for him.

Snowden has done a good job the people who chose you give transparency between the citizen and the government. That government is stealing your personal data from you and without knowing. What options are there? The first optionwill be is that government has to free him for this crime. So he can return tohis country and live his life like normal person.Second option isthat government should negotiate with local people for tracing there personaldata without any agreement and knowing to citizen of US.Third option isthat government should accept their fault for surveillance on that personaldocument.And the last onefor those who think Snowden was wrong. Government should punish him make asettlement with him.

 Which option is best – and why?                                  Snowden faces serious espionage allegations. If you truly believe that anything speaks about the so-called American surveillance threat, your best option is to go home and face them. The US justice system is impeccable and beyond political control. (australian, 2013)Would guarantee a fair process. Going home would be much better than avoiding the transit area of ??a Moscow airport asylum in countries that in some cases have a history of human rights that are the antithesis to it. They claim to believe.

         Analysis of the situation from thepoint of view of an ICT Professional using the ACS Code of Ethics:There are six points from which we have to follow while doingany analysis regarding information and communication technology.1)    The primacy of public interest.2)    The enhancement of quality oflife3)    Honesty4)    Competence5)    Professional development6)    Professionalism In June 2013, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden perpetrated thelargest and most damaging Public release of classified information in U.S.intelligence history.

Now let’s try to see is he done correct job or Snowdenhas broken the rules of U.S.  In thiscase every person has different way of thinking but some of them take itpositively and some of take that negatively.

Let’s see how it show the intereston public.Ed Snowden was a great service in this country: there was someone who had agood job and a good life in Hawaii, but everything broke down to tell us whatthe NSA is doing for us in the name of national security. He did it for hispersonal gain and personal effort because he kept to the logic: governments shouldnot talk to their peopleI think anyone helping to strengthen the workings of democracy should be rewarded. His prize should be, I don’t know, perhaps something as unglamorous and hard to display on his mantelpiece as a presidential pardon. That would be nice.What he did amounted to the greatest issue of legitimate American secrets in the history of US nation.

If Snowden wants to come home, and that’s his choice, I think he should face the full force of the law. Then he would be able to mount his defences. I would not be supportive of a public interest defences however, because the American people declare some things to be legal and some things to be illegal, and don’t anoint the individual citizen to decide whether that’s a good or a bad idea.

Like that every person to person the review of him is changes. Snowden was able to remove more than 1.5 millionclassified documents from secure NSA networks, what the 1.5 million documentscontained, and the damage their removal caused to national security and he alsoinform to US civilians that government tracing all the personal documents ofpeople and without informing to them. Is he honest? According to Snowden hewanted to tell every people that what’s going on behind them.

Because of thishe done that issue. If he stays in US, government will kept him and put him behindthe jail. Because of this fear he ran away from United States. Snowden iswhistle blower but he did good thing for people.However, (bbc, 2014) he reveals detailed information showing fraud, waste, abuse or other illegal activity in the appropriate manner the police or security personnel, including members of Congress, make someone Complaint and provide them with critical protection. Contrary to his public statements .He emphasized many NSA documents on what he thought was one the commission found no evidence that Snowden took the formal initiative to deliver American intelligence activities – legal, moral or otherwise – for everyone US Government, despite many ways to do it.

Snowden knew it Avenues. His only attempt to contact an NSA agent revolved around a question about him the legal precedence of executive orders and their only contact with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) The inspector general (IG) has questioned his disagreements with his leaders training and maintenance of information technology specialists.               Conclusions and Recommendations: This country is deeply and evenly shared about the values ??and harms that came from Snowden’s Disclosures, as much of the world as a heroic figure. History will judge Snowden with the generosity of distance.

In this country too, as Snowden himself said, “The Congress, the courts, and the president all changed their policies as a result of his disclosures.” in many reforms that Snowden criticized were unconstitutional. A balanced disposition of his case makes good sense.                        Reference list using Harvard referencing: Anon.

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EdwardSnowden. Online Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Snowden 


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