Title: family was an old, posh family who

Title: Ethan FromeAuthor:Edith WhartonDate of Publication: September 1911Genre: Gothic fictionExplain what makes this work an example of this genre.This novel works as an example of Gothic fiction due to the central focus of dread, the grim setting, the mentally and physically ill main character, and how people are trapped in their own minds.Biographical Information about the Author:(include relevant reasons for writing work)Edith Wharton was born in New York City on January 24, 1862.

Her birth name is Edith Newbold  Jones, her parents are George Frederic Jones and Lucretia Stevens Rhinelander Jones. Their family was an old, posh family who was established by inherited money, and Edith was therefore raised in a snobby, mannered way. Edith was the first woman ever to win an honorary doctorate from Yale University in 1923.

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Edith published many books before Ethan Frome; ome about traveling, others about the details and what one can notice about the  people in the society she grew up in.Historical Information:During the 1910s (when Wharton wrote Ethan Frome) is known as the time of economic prosperity in the US and higher political influence throughout the country, which is right before the Great Depression hit. This decade is when freedom was the key idea throughout America, along with expansion and reform before the first world war and shortly after reconstruction was “finished” after the Civil War.Critics’ Response to Author/Work:When the book was first published it had mostly negative feedback. Critics thought the novel was violent and despicable and the book barely sold when it was first released. Now, this novel is her most read novel she has published.

Plot Summary: (Include elements of plot, most importantly the climax).At the beginning, the narrator (a train engineer) tells how he met Ethan Frome, and became so interested in him, while working at a power plant in Starkfield, Massachusetts. Due to his crooked appearance and prominent limp, he stood out from the rest of the town of Starkfield. Being so intrigued with Frome the narrator wants to figure out more about him, and Frome, always looking for a way to earn a little extra money, ends up being a sled driver for the engineer. During one of their drives home, a blizzard came in making the roads far too dangerous and quite impossible to trudge through, so the engineer ends up staying with Frome for the night. While the two men are together, is when the engineer finally uncovers the story of the mysterious Frome. when Frome was a young man, his father passed away, forcing Ethan to quit school to take care of the farm in place of his father.

Shortly after, Ethan’s mother then grew ill and died. Ethan married a cold, ghastly lady, Zeena, who he did not even love, just to fill the gap in his life. Zeena absolutely refused to leave the small town of Starkfield, even though Ethan desperately wanted to.

Years later, Zeena’s cousin, Mattie Silver,  moved in with the couple to take care and help out ill Zeena. Ethan quickly fell in love with Mattie. He realized he was happier when with her, and they are constantly flirting with one another, but Ethan decides not to act on his feelings because of Zeena.

One day when Mattie and Ethan are alone, they act on their feelings and enjoy a night together, but the constant thought of Zeena on their minds made it awkward. The next day Zeena announces her illness turns out to be life-threatening, and that she wants to send her cousin away and have someone else come help her. The day Mattie is leaving, they confess their love for one another and share passionate kiss. Then Mattie asks Ethan to go sledding with her. While they are sledding, Mattie tells Ethan to steer and that she wants to die with him, and she wants him to steer them into a big tree to kill them both.

Ethan does it, but the suicide attempt failed and the both survive. 24 years later the engineer decides to pay a visit to the Frome house, and meets two women, Mattie and Zeena. Mrs. Hale, a lady who lives there told the engineer that after Mattie’s accident, she had nowhere else to stay so she stayed with the Fromes. Zeena ends up recovering from her fatal illness and started taking care of Ethan and Mattie. Mrs. Hale tells the narrator that life would have been better if Mattie died.

And they all lived a bored, bitter, grumpy, cold life together.List recurring stylistic/rhetorical devices:SymbolismImagerySimiles Cite examples of those devices:The Color Red and Death- the color red symbolizes danger, death, love, heat. There are 8 specific times red is described in the story, but the top ones were the red pickle dish, mattie’s red ribbon, and the sun.

when mattie goes to the dance and ethan picks her up, the author describes what ethan sees and feels; young people dancing, he’s very cold, people having fun.Wharton uses similes like, “Her face is like a window that that has caught the sunset” about mattie, or “Her face seems like a wheat field under a summer breeze.”Memorable QuotesQuotes:”the coming to his house of a bit of hopeful young life was like the lighting of a fire on a cold hearth.” “Guess he’s been in Starkfield too many winters.

“”They seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if they had surprised a butterfly in the winter woods.””The return to reality was as painful as the return to consciousness after taking an anesthetic” Explain Significance of Each Quote:This quote proves how the arrival and Ethan meeting Mattie for the first time is like the lighting of a fire to a cold hearth, which the cold hearth is his heart and the fire is his love for Mattie awakening his soul.This quote signifies how everyone thinks Ethan Frome is messed up in the head, due to the fact that most men are smart enough to get out of Starkfield and since he did not, apparently makes his intelligence lower.This quote is about Ethan and Mattie how they were so in love they were basically like teenagers experiencing love for the first time, and by comparing the butterflies to it makes me feel a sense of beauty related to their connection with each other.Talking about how when they came crashing back to reality from their newfound love was like it was all a dream and the love they felt slowly awakened them.CHARACTERSNameRole in StorySignificance/Functions as…AdjectivesEthan FromeMattie SilverZeena FromeMain CharacterprotagonistWoman Ethan falls in love withAntagonistThe tragic hero that saves and takes care of the people around him, but not himself.A woman who falls in love with the outcast of the town, and she is the girl who proves if you had a good attitude something will come out of it.

She comes off as the mean, haggard, grumpy old woman, but she is the victim in this situation. She did not do anything about it due to her obvious illnesses.TragicGentleMistreatedUnspoiledVictimGrumpySettingSignificance of Opening SceneEthan Frome takes place in Starkfield, Massachusetts in the late 1900s The setting of the cold, harsh, snowy winters creates a sense of loneliness and isolation. Ethan’s loneliness is reflected how he lives in the middle of nowhere in the large, empty fields and snowy grass. The coldness and bareness of the snow matches ethan’s relationship with his wife.

In the opening scene, Ethan wants to “make a buck or two” so he drives around the engineer to and from the train station. One night when its snowing too much to drive any farther, the engineer has to stay with Ethan at his house. I think the significance of this scene is to show that Ethan has not been in Starkfield “One too many winters” and is actually a nice guy when u get to it. All the details and gaps in the plot in the beginning. There is some emphasis with the snow, bleakness, and cold which basically reflects the weather to how the people who live there actSignificance of Climatic/Pivotal SceneThe climax of the story is when Ethan and Mattie confess their love to each other….

every hopeless romantic’s favorite part, right? No. Also during the climax the decide to commit suicide by sledding into a big tree together. This scene proves how ro,mance is not always perfect, love will have its plot twists, and how the just gave up kind of made it, for me, less romantic, like the author was going for.Write and explain 3+ symbolsThe Pickle Dish- symbolizes Ethan and Zeena’s marriage. And when the cat breaks the dish is a symbol how their marriage is over, then and there.

(54)Frome’s Graveyard- Obviously represents death and how Ethan is trapped in Starkfield, and shows how Ethan is worried he will live his whole life on the farm and then die on the farm, just like his family.(21)The Cat- Symbolizes how Zeena knows Mattie is taking her place. The cat always got in the way when Zeena was not around (40)Significance of Closing Scene/ResolutionAfter the epilogue, the ending i think was to keep the reader guessing. The ending is what made the book over the top interesting. When Mattie woke up after their suicide attempt and said something to Ruth, yet Ruth would not repeat it is what keeps readers continue thinking about the novel once they finish it.Include and explain 3 specific conflicts within this work.     Ethan realizing he wants to become an engineer and leave Starkfield for a place where his scientific needs are met.

This shows how Ethan is realizing he is bored and wants more in life than Starkfield.Ethan and two women- Mattie and his wife Zeena. He obviously loves Mattie more but he finds it hard to leave his wife, creating a love triangle and resulting in suicide attempts.Internal Conflict- Ethan is extremely intellectual, yet it is suppressed due to his “smash-up”, lack of resources, and taking care of his wife. He accepts the book offering from the engineer, but after that his hunger for science strengthened.Express and explain in detail at least two themes within this work.

(This is hard!  Be original!)Hope-  Throughout the story Ethan just is dragging through his life, doing what was needed, not really putting in effort or gaining happiness from what he did. When the engineer gave him that book you could sense the happiness and satisfaction he got , even though he did not show it. He also gained hope when Frome met Mattie.

The woman who lit his heart and soul on fire and alive. This is all throughout the book and without hope, personally, i do not find a reason to live because no positivity , no happiness, no growth. The hope that everyone in the book has, like Zeena hopes to get better and beat her illness. Mattie wants to be able to support and life on her own. Without hope, there would be no story.Freedom- Ah, freedom. What we all desperately crave, even as adults, Ethan and Mattie crave freedom from Zeena, Mattie once craved for freedom from her parents, Ethan craved intellectual findings, Zeena craved freedom from her illness.

Everyone wants to escape Starkfield and move onto bigger and better things. Everyone wants freedom from their poverty that has them tied down to Starkfield. Without freedom, all the characters will be driven insane, like Ethan;s Mother who was basically driven insane due to the extreme isolation she experienced-which is exactly what the three are experiencing in the novel.Write a paragraph analyzing relevance/irrelevance to our lives today.Honestly, i do find this book relevant to today’s society due to the constant feeling of wanting freedom and the large topic of suicide in the novel.

Both these things exist in a teenagers life, we all crave more freedom than given, just to have fun; yet we also have the highest suicide rates ever which may not be linked to a forbidden romance, but i think this novel could make an impact on people about life, the important things in it, and the points in life one should focus on.


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