Title: For Epsom salt to be most

Title: 5 Best-Ever Strategies for Epsom Salt Colon Cleanse

All thanks to heaps of junk we eat, the majority of us are a prey to digestives problem these days. But don’t worry!  We have just the thing for you, something that will put an end to all your digestion problems and will leave you feeling light and fresh.

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#1 No Breakfast

Before consuming this super cleanser make sure you avoid a full breakfast. So, if you are somebody who habitually eats eggs and sausages and cannot do without that morning cup of coffee, you might want to rethink.  Also, one needs to make sure that the lunch is completely fat-free on the day of the detox for best results, vegetables, toast and honey, oats and cereals are recommended.  The meal should basically focus on a high fibre and almost negligible fat content diet and should be done and dusted before 2 P.M.

#2 the 1st and the 2nd Intake

What follows is the prep phase, here, one needs to mix about 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt to 3 cups of water and then the mixture should be placed in the refrigerator. Simultaneously, a cup of olive oil and a grapefruit should be placed on the counter top to bring to room temperature. After setting the grapefruit and oil aside, the salt mixture should be consumed at regular intervals, not more than twice a day.  

#3 Olive and Grapefruit mix

For Epsom salt to be most effective, a mixture of already set aside olive oil and grapefruit should be consumed, before retiring to slumber. A set of instructions should be followed in order for this mix to work. For starters, before consumption, a bowel movement should be attempted. Also, the mixture should be consumed around 10 p. m while standing up for better intake. Lastly, sleep right after drinking it.

#4 Eat Light

The following day, drink a dose of the Epsom salt mix as soon as you wake up and another one within two hours of the first one. This should be followed by a very light breakfast, a fruit juice is recommended and the following meal should consist of a medium bowl of fresh fruits. The day will end with a regular dinner which in majority of the cases will be followed by diarrhoea. That’s when you can be sure that the trick is working. Now, everybody might not react in a similar way but sooner or later, it will work.


#5Massage you belly


After the consumption of Epsom salt mix, lie down on one side and slowly massage your belly on one side. Then repeat it on the other side as well. This action might set off some movement but try and hold the solution in for about half an hour. This step will ensure your body absorbs all the salts properly. By this time, you are most likely to feel uncomfortable and would want to use a restroom. 


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