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Tired of going through the hassle of making coal and charcoal that you use for barbequeing ignite? Have you tried everything that your human powers can conjure up? Is a trip to the witch doctor or a shaman the only thing you haven’t done just to ignite the pesky coal and the troublesome charcoal? Well here’s something that we’re sure that will lift you up to the barbequeing heaven…or so they promise.

 How many times have we heard this undying line that we see in home shopping channels? And how many times have we tried in vain to use one of these worthless junks? Too many times and too often as well.Since the dawn of man’s early encounter with fire, he was fascinated with the idea that he no longer needed to eat anything raw. Since then he kept the fire burning. But then one fateful day fire went out and man’s society is in total chaos and darkness. So far fire has kept him warm, safe and with food that is appropriate for him to eat.  And when fir went out he had no recollection of how it started.FIRE AWAYMan then tried different things to start fire again. He tried rubbing two sticks together, he tried catching lightning and he even tried blowing on the ashes of what used to be fire, still no success.

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And then man was struck with a different idea and the birth of the flint happened. The flint stone that he first used was successful to create fire and because of his discovery he was able to come across with an invention, barbeque. Because of man’s discovery of a way to create fire he was also able to cook meat in a way that we now call barbeque.

So barbeque ignitors are as important as the meat that we are going to cook. With the proper tools to start a decent flame we would not be able to have a decent open fire to cook our chops, steaks and kebabs. There are no flame grills or stove top grills that are coming out of the market today but the character and flavor of a flame grilled steak cannot be duplicated by stove top grills or whatever.So to keep the integrity of the art of barbequeing, we need to know the tools that we need to keep the fire burning. Here are some of the ways to get a decent fire going for all your barbeque needs. Coals or charcoal, either of the two would make a good heat source for our fire just remember that they should always be dry. A catalyst or lighter fluid ( lighter usually does the trick) a good serving of the stuff on your coal would make igniting it much easier.

And last but not least, the ignitor. For those outdoorsman type flints are quite essential. A flint is the same thing that we have in our Zippo lighters. That the thing the sparks ok? Elctronic ignitors and lighters are also useful. Just remember that these are not water proof. Unlike the reliable flint, we need to make sure that the electronic lighter or the same is out of the water and be kept dry always.

And if you’re the kind that likes to do things with a little flair, you can always use a flamethrower. That beats everything!  


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