I. a way of showing students that

I. Introduction

According to Cooper (2010), the process of teaching is rewarding and gratifying. Indeed, the teaching profession is a noble one. Many teachers take pride in helping students discover an effective learning process in school. New teachers however need to learn how to deliver more effective teaching strategies and approach as they begin their journey with their teaching profession on the first day in school. Some challenges that new teachers need to overcome as they begin their first day in school is how to make good impression and earn the trust and respect of their students.

They may find the following tips provided in this paper helpful on how they can overcome these challenges and be productive on the first day of class.

II. Discussion

Mandel (2009) suggests that new teachers should create a relaxed environment inside the classroom on the first day of class. Teachers can take an early visit to the classroom and familiarize themselves with the facilities inside that they can use for their teaching session. This will help a new teacher use all the resources available to start the class with better ease and facilitate better learning of the students. A warm introduction is important as a new teacher begins to put the students at ease on the first day of class. Kelly (2008) emphasizes that teachers should know their students by name on the first day of class.

Although one could not normally remember each student’s name instantly on the first day of class, a new teacher can practice getting to know each student by name with each roll call of attendance every day. This is a way of showing students that their teacher cares enough to know them by name. Planning activities in class is another way to build a small community of students in the classroom, giving opportunity for each student to know each other and to know their teacher as well. New teachers should be able to listen to their student’s concerns too. Just as the new teacher feels anxious about the first day of class, so are the students.

Allowing students to express their own expectation about the class and to ask questions to overcome their doubt is a good way for a new teacher to develop good communication with the students. It is also important for new teachers to be organized before they report to work on the first day of class. They should be able to write down important things to do like class activities, teaching strategies, and taking down notes on what to bring in class. Teachers who show to the students that they know what to do inside the classroom will likely gain respect from their students. Advanced preparation of lesson plan before school starts is vital in delivering more effective teaching procedures for a new teacher. They can address each student’s concern better regarding their subject and can provide a better overview on what students can expect from their class if they have a definite outline on how to proceed with their lessons. Conserva & Dewees (2007) recognize the importance of creating a lasting impression in class by creating a good first impression to the students of being prepared, organized, and showing a positive disposition inside the classroom.



To conclude, new teachers should take the responsibility of going to the first day of class well prepared. This is a good way of showing authority and confidence that they are capable of handling the class well. New teachers should also strive to create a warm interaction between them and their students to help facilitate better communication to enhance the learning process inside the classroom. This can also help students overcome their anxiety during the first day of class.

When a new teacher is able to gain respect and trust from their students it would not be difficult to establish comfortable learning environment inside the classroom, making it easier for new teachers to attain their goal of providing quality education and learning for their students.


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