Ting, Sunway College are price, product features and

 Ting, D. H., Lim, S.

F., Patanmacia, T. S., Low, C. G., &Ker, G.

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C. (2011). Dependency on smartphone and the impact on purchasebehavior. Young Consumers, 12(3),193-203.

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International Journal of Cultural       Studies, 8(2), 195-211.8.     References       In conclusion, thefactors influencing the purchasing intent of smartphones in Sunway College areprice, product features and brand. The third hypothesisindicated that the brand of the smartphone will cause the purchase intent of asmartphone to change. Based on the findings, the hypothesis is deemed true andSunway College students deeply consider the brand of the smartphone prior topurchase. All three hypotheses have been proved to be true by the findings ofthis research.

The results were consistent with the previous research’sfindings. The second hypothesissuggested that the product feature of the smartphone will impact the purchasedecision of smartphone. After utilizing the five-point likert scale in thequestionnaire to prove this hypothesis to be true, it has been finalized thatthe product feature of a smartphone really does affect the purchasing intent ofsmartphones and some of the features researched were regarded more important bythe other when purchasing a smartphone.

Hence, it all depends on the user’sneed and wants when it comes to this factor. This study has provedthat there is a significant relationship between price, product features andbrand with the intention of purchase of smartphones. The first hypothesisstates that the price of smartphones influences the purchase of smartphones.

Based on the results obtained, it is confirmed that price really do affectpurchasing intent of smartphones and that Sunway College students do think ofthe smartphone’s price before purchasing it. The purpose of thisstudy was to investigate the factors influencing the purchasing intent ofsmartphones among Sunway College students. In specific, this study aims to analyzethe relationship between price, product features and brand with the purchasing intentof smartphone. 7.     ConclusionThere are a few limitations that arepresent in this study. Firstly, this survey is only conducted within Sunway Pre-Universitystudents.

This limitation effectively limits the research scope range andstunts the reliability of information of this research. This means that thisstudy was not able to analyze its’ findings to represent the whole body ofSunway University College students. Plus, the survey questions were not clearenough as there were some misunderstandings from the respondents on therequirement of the question.  6.2.

  Limitations of StudyTo further improve this research toobtain a more accurate finding in the future, the questionnaire created shouldbe clearer with no confusions for the other party when they are answering thesurvey. Other than that, this survey should not only be focused within Sunway Pre-Universitystudents. It should comprise of responses from students of different facultiesof Sunway University College. With these suggested improvements, the nextresearcher should be able to obtain a much more sensitive and accurate resultswhich involves a larger population of Sunway University College students. 6.

1.  Implication of Study6.     Implication andLimitations                     Thefindings of this research provide new insights to what is already known.

Asidefrom application and software feature, respondents also highly prioritizesmartphones with a good design. This is an unexpectedly highly valued featurethat the respondents voted for. Even though all features of a smartphone areequally important, but this research has shown how some features are morehighly regarded than others which show the behavior of customers whenpurchasing a smartphone.        Thethird hypothesis of this research illustrates that there is a significantrelationship between brand name and the purchasing intent of smartphone.

Inaccordance with the findings of this research, it is proven that thishypothesis is true. 11 out of 20 respondents voted that they are very likely toconsider the brand of the smartphone before purchasing it. This may be becausethe brand of a product is the face of the company. If the company does not havea good reputation, there is a high chance that their product will be prone tobe of low quality. Hence, the brand of a product really does affect thepurchase intention of its’ potential customer.

Other than that, based on thesurvey, there is a question on the respondent’s opinion of a popular smartphonebrand. 12 out of 20 respondents voted that Samsung is, in their opinion, themost popular brand in the world of smartphones compared to others like Hua Wei,Xiaomi, Oppo and LG. This may be because Samsung has an extensive advertisementrange which led to higher awareness of Samsung as a high quality and popularproduct. Plus, Ting et al.

(2011) found that between brand loyalty and socialinfluence lies a positive relationship which in turn affects smartphonepurchase behavior. Hence, brand name does affect the purchasing intent ofsmartphone.       Tofurther elaborate the second hypothesis, one of the questions in the surveyinquired about the main smartphone usage purpose and many respondents votedthat they use WhatsApp the most using their smartphone. This result is followedby Facebook, a huge social media platform and in third place is YouTube andInternet Browsing. These activities can only be possible with a smartphone thathas cutting edge technology imbedded in it and the consumer has access to theInternet. With smartphone having features like application and software, it candefinitely be one of the factors influencing smartphone purchasing intent asthe respondents all need these features to fulfil their main purpose of using asmartphone.

      Thesecond hypothesis of this research is that there is a significant relationshipbetween the product features and the purchasing intent of smartphone. Based onthe end results, it is revealed that the product feature does play asignificant role on the purchase intention of smartphone. The question includedsmartphone features like high-speed processing or operating system, applicationand software, convenience and also design. Among these 4 features, 2 of themhave a high frequency of 11 out of 20 respondents’ votes each respectively asthe extremely likely factor that the students will consider when purchasing thesmartphone.  These two features arenamely application and software and also design. The remaining 2 factors bothhave the second highest frequency of respondents’ vote of high likelihood as aninfluencing factor of smartphone purchase, with high-speed operating systemhaving 8 out of 20 votes and convenience having 6 out of 20 votes.

  Therefore, with this result, it is confirmedthat the product features like design and software play an important role ininfluencing the purchasing intent of smartphones among students in SunwayCollege.The first hypothesisof this research is that there is a significant relationship between the priceand purchasing intent of smartphone. From the analysis conducted, it isdiscovered that the price of the smartphone does play a role in influencing thepurchase intention of smartphone. 9 out of 20 respondents voted on the optionthat they will very likely consider the price of the smartphone before makingtheir purchase. This represent 45% of the total response for this question andthis response option has the highest frequency among its counterparts for thisfactor. Thus, it is proven that the price of smartphone and purchase intentionof smartphone share a significant relationship with one another.The research methodology incorporated in this study isreliable as it was used by a past research that produced accurate and sensitiveresults. The method used was very sensitive as it provided scales forrespondents to fill up their responses with a more specific answer.

5.     Discussion              Figure 2: Purpose of Smartphone Usage Figure 1: Frequency of popular smartphone brands   Table 1: Likelihood of factors to influence smartphonepurchase decision. Very Likely Likely Neutral Not Likely Very Unlikely High-Speed Processing/Operating System 8/20 11/20 1/20 0/20 0/20 Application and Software 11/20 6/20 3/20 0/20 0/20 Value/ Price 9/20 7/20 3/20 1/20 0/20 Brand 11/20 6/20 3/20 0/20 0/20 Design 11/20 8/20 1/20 0/20 0/20 Convenience 6/20 8/20 3/20 3/20 0/20 4.     Results                 The procedure involved includes thedistribution of questionnaire among Sunway College Pre-University students.

Themedia of transfer is by verbal and social messengers like WhatsApp. The datacollected after the survey is completed will then be analyzed in the form oftables, graphs and charts. Afterwards, a conclusion will be made based on theinformation collected via the conduct of the survey.3.3.  Procedure   The instrument used in this research isa questionnaire.

It uses five-point likert scale and also multiple-choicequestions to determine an answer for each of the research objectives. Theresearch questionnaire is designed with full attention to extract informationon “Factors that influence purchase intention of smartphones”, “Brands ofSmartphone that are popular” and also “Smartphone Usage Purposes”. There arefour sections to the questionnaire. The first section contains questions todetermine the demographic of the respondents. Questions like age and gender areincluded. The second section contains the factors influencing smartphoneownership. The factors highlighted in the questionnaire is reflective of theselected literatures to determine the factors influencing smartphone purchasein Sunway College.

  On the other hand,the third section of the questionnaire comprise of multiple-choice questionthat inquiries about the respondents’ opinion on popular smartphone brand.Lastly, the fourth section includes a multiple-choice question to determine themain usage purpose of smartphone.3.2.  InstrumentsThis research aims to find out thefactors influencing the purchasing intent of smartphone among Sunway Collegestudents. Hence, the participants are from Sunway College and are currentlypursuing their Pre-University studies. There are 20 participants in total forthis research.3.

1.  Participants3.     Research Methodology        Companies and organizations will alwaysfind their own points of differentiation in order to stand out more in theirindustry. In this case, the smartphone industry.

These companies must discovernew attractive technological improvements for the smartphone and to meet theexpectations and demands of the customers. Brand name can be used to define andrepresent the organization. Many organizations highlighted the importance ofthe brand name due to its opportunity to bring forth a competitive advantage tothe company (Cornelis, 2010). In accordance to ChangeWave Research (2010),Apple, the smartphone brand has a huge loyal customer base as the companycreates gadgets to cater to different types of customer with a variety ofcolours, storage spaces at varying prices.

In short, brand name does affectdemand for smartphones among Malaysian students (Norazah, 2013).2.3.  Brand NameIn today’s technological market, thereare many similar smartphones with high technology features.

Hence, differentpeople will pick and compare the features of smartphones and choose thesmartphone that can meet both their needs and wants.  As claimed by Oulasvirta et al. (2011), thereare many features in our smartphones nowadays like a built-in web browser,wireless connection, high-definition displays, location detectors and alsoample storage. All these features of a smartphone will be subject to theexpectation of consumers on whether if they will be satisfied with the productwhen they utilize it, hence influencing the purchasing intention (Kupiec , 2001) 2.2.  Product FeatureThe Law of Demand is one of economicscore concept. This law states that the demand of a product is affected by theprice of the product. When the price of the product is high, the demand will below.

According to Bettman, Johnson and Payne (1988), different factors caninfluence situations differently. Following Chisnall (1994), it is stated thatconsumers have different tastes, motivation, need and lifestyle when it comesto the purchase of a product. Some of them will go for high quality productsthat comes with a high cost, while some will choose otherwise (Monroe, 2004). 2.

1.  PriceSmartphones nowadays are known fortheir advancement in computing power and highly regarded connectivity comparedto a contemporary mobile phone. Due to these special features along withfundamental functions of a mobile phone like SMS and video call, smartphonesare dubbed as the “medium of new information” (May& Hearn, 2005). InMalaysia, surviving a day without a smartphone is simply impossible as thatgadget has dominated our daily lives with its’ superb abilities.

According to MalaysianCommunication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), there are 87.9% of Malaysians whomown a smartphone, and within this percentage, 65.2% of them are Malays (MCMCStatistics, 2014).

2.     Literature Review               There are three hypotheses identifiedwhich are related to this study. The first hypothesis states that there is asignificant relationship between the price and purchasing intention ofsmartphone.

The second hypothesis indicates that product feature of the smartphonewill affect the purchase intention. The third hypothesis suggests that thebrand of the smartphone will impact the purchase decision of the smartphone.This study aims to identify the factors influencing the purchasing intent ofsmartphones among Sunway College students. 1.6.  Conclusion   c.

      There is a significant relationship between the brand nameand purchasing intent of smartphone. b.     There is a significant relationship between the productfeature and purchasing intent of smartphone.a.      There is a significant relationship between the price andpurchasing intent of smartphone.1.5.

  Research Hypothesisc.      How does the brand name of a smartphone affect the purchasingintent of smartphone?b.     What is the impact of the role of product feature on thepurchasing intent of smartphone?a.

      How does the price of a smartphone influence the purchasing intentof smartphone?1.4.  Research Questions c.

      To investigate the impact of different brand names towardsthe purchasing intent of a smartphone.b.     To understand the role of product features on the purchasingintent of a smartphone.a.      To find out the significance of price towards the purchasingintent of a smartphone. 1.3.

  Research Objectives  The aim of this study is to investigatethe factors that affect Sunway College students’ intention to purchase a smartphone.1.2.

  Purpose of StudyStrategyAnalytics also revealed that there is a usage of 1 billion smartphonesworldwide, with a penetration of 1 in 7. While in Malaysia, the rate ofpenetration stood at 1 in 4 and 17.3% of the age of smartphone users is between20 to 24 years old.

  These facts are alsosupported by a survey done by Ericsson. According to Ericsson (2013), thereport of the study indicated that the adoption of smartphones willtremendously grow in the upcoming years with the subscriptions of smartphone toincrease by nearly 5 times between the years of 2013 and 2019. This will inturn cause South-East Asia and Oceania to have an excess of 700 million subscriptionsof smartphone. Mobiledevices and now more widely known as smartphones are gradually taking over ourlives. Most us Malaysians do own a smartphone and it is part of our belongingsno matter where we are.

According to a statistical report by the MalaysianCommunication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), it is shown that 53.4% ofMalaysians use smartphones (MCMC Statistic, 2014). The International DataCorporation (IDC) report also showed that smartphone demand has grown inMalaysia due to the fact that affordable smartphones are easily available inthe market (Bernama, 2012).  1.1.  Background of Study1.

     IntroductionFactors Influencing Purchasing Intent of Smartphone Among Sunway College StudentsKeywords:  Purchasing Intent, Sunway College students, ProductFeatures, Brand, PriceSmartphones are making impact in the modern world and many of the worldpopulation are converting from mobile phones to smartphones. This study mainpurpose is to identify the factors influencing the purchasing intent of smartphonesamong Sunway College students. Evidences are gathered based on researchmethodology to achieve research objectives. The finding of this study showsthat three main factors namely price, product feature and brand name have asignificant impact on the purchasing intent of smartphones among Sunway Collegestudents. Abstract             Contact: [email protected] concerning this articleshould be addressed to Chia T. Quek, Foundation in Arts, Sunway College, JalanUniversity, Bandar Sunway, 47500, Selangor.

This research is supported by Foundation inArts, Sunway Foundation Programme. Chia T. Quek, Foundation in Arts, SunwayCollege.

Author NoteSunway CollegeChia T. QuekFactors Influencing Purchasing Intent of Smartphone Among Sunway College Students


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