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Tim GyurasziJanuary 18 2018Unit Project: Earth and Space Science: Climate Change1. Climate change has many ways of affecting the world everyday. There are many positives and negatives to climate change.

Humans affect climate change by burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees which absorb carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, we do the opposite. Cutting down trees cuts off carbon dioxide supply to other plants which can lead to the plant dying. Cut down trees send heat like gases in the air/atmosphere. (Melting the ice caps or melting glaciers) This can cause plants and trees to die either of floods or droughts, plants need a stable water sources. (If you pour too much water into a plant it dies, if you give a plant no water it dies) If plants die, animals on farms die then we have no food, which is a huge negative for us because if we have no food we starve… And die.

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Some positive outcomes on climate change are warmer winters, they cause a lot less amount of deaths than extremely cold winters. Especially among the elderly, they won’t have to suffer the terrible harsh winter weather conditions in most parts of the world due to the warm winters some countries deal with.  2.

Some extreme weather events that happened and are happening around the world are the cyclone that happened in Australia a couple days ago (the 12 of January) which led to the terrible flooding all over the western coast of Australia. Many roads on the west coast got closed off due to the 88mm of water received in the past 24 hours, leaving people at home with no work or school to attend to, for probably quite some time. Also due to extreme winds up to 65 km/h. This harsh weather traveling through Australia is very much affecting the local habitats… With the tremendous flooding especially in the forests, homes and wildlife is getting destroyed by the minute.

Trees are drowning, animals and other organisms are also being killed by water and harsh winds. In Sierra Leone terrible mudslides are happening in the outskirts which took the lives  of more than 1000 people. The locals say there’s no one to blame but mother nature. They say they won’t allow it to happen again but if they only barricade their homes the wildlife will die due to terrible conditions meaning trees will be destroyed and animals won’t  have food to eat or they will just die of the weather, then the locals won’t have food.

Streets are constantly getting flooded, cars are getting plowed out of the way by the monstrous mudslides, other debris is constantly covering the roads. Many people are being forced out of their homes simply because the water and mud from the streets are rising tremendously and flooding their homes. 3. The greenhouse effect is the process of the radiation from the atmosphere warming up the earth. The difference between the anthropogenic greenhouse effect and the natural greenhouse effect is that the AG effect is the main source of greenhouse gases due to human activity: burning of fossil fuels and deforestation leading to higher levels of carbon dioxide in the air. The NG effect is to sum up, nature taking its course… Climate change is a huge part of the NG effect because it’s the sun warming up the earth naturally, we’re not doing anything to make the sun do that. 4.

Some of the scientific methods used to determine the effects of climate change are…Making observations: What is happening to our climate… How can we change it or improve on the subjectQuestions: Why is this happening… What can we doMake Hypothesis: What are the causes I want to know aboutPrediction: If my hypothesis is right then this, this, this will be correctData: Collect data to prove your hypothesis, make experiments etcTheory: What will happen if…Final step: From what I have researched, found out, predicted… This is the final result5.  First of all, carbon sinks are natural storage systems that use and both store carbon dioxide. The main carbon sinks are dirt, plants, and the ocean. Plants (trees etc) are a huge carbon sink because they grab carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use it in the process of photosynthesis. Also, the ocean is another major carbon sink.

Sea animals take up that gas for photosynthesis, while a portion of carbon dioxide disappears or gets absorbed in the water. The difference between a carbon sink and a carbon source is a sink absorbs carbon dioxide and a source projects or emits carbon dioxide, like forest fires and burning fossil fuels. Carbon sources are mainly made of just carbon which can be used many ways, to make cars and other day to day objects like electronics, fertilizer, most fuels, even concrete has carbon in it. 1. “9 Ways We Know Humans Triggered Climate Change.” Environmental Defense Fund, www.edf.org/climate/9-ways-we-know-humans-triggered-climate-change.

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