Throughout while I was under throughout the procedure.

Throughoutmy life, I experienced a time when I was nine years of age that made me realizethat I would like to pursue a career in nursing. I have never been to a hospitalbefore for any medical issues and I can remember the day my doctor told me Ibroke my elbow in two places and would need surgery. For some reason, thisshocking news did not scare me.

Unlike most, the atmosphere made me feel atease and the nurses were extremely comforting. Now, nineteen years age, the samepassion I felt at nine to become a nurse is still thriving inside me.            On the day of my surgery, I was extremelynervous, mostly because I have never had surgery before or been put underanesthesia. I was eventually introduced to the nurse anesthetist who wasattending to my case. She knew that I have never had anesthesia and she tookthe time to explain the procedure to me while holding my hand. It was throughher compassion for me, that I felt very assured that everything would be fine.

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She promised me in her own words that she would not leave my side while I wasunder throughout the procedure. At such a young age, it is hard to trust anyonebesides your family and I knew at that moment, I felt a connection between meand her. The comfort I felt from this specific nurse, is exactly how I wouldwant my patients to feel. To be able to care for patients, especially children experiencinga surgical procedure for the first time would so rewarding to me.

            Throughout my academic journey sofar, I have learned that success does not solely come from studying. It comesfrom preparation, determination, hard work and even failure. The innate desireto reach my goals in life is what truly fuels me to never give up.

The collegeclasses related to science, immediately sparked my interest and made mycommitment to be in the medical field stronger. I know that this inner passionwill continue with me throughout nursing school. I have harped on the manyopportunities that were given to me at my current university so I can learnmore about the field of nursing.

As a member of the SUNY Albany’s on campusambulance volunteer service, I have learned how important it is for individualsto know the basics of life support. This club, immediately sparked my desire tolearn more and get hands on experience in a hospital. After applying for manyopenings, I finally landed an interview at Albany Medical Center to be anemergency department scribe. Although it was just an interview, I remember howexcited I was, just to be able to discuss with professionals my growing lovefor this field. During the interview, while talking to many brilliant physiciansand nurses, I seemed to notice they had the ability to communicate with me onboth, a technical and non-technical level.

I believe this makes up awell-rounded individual and shows that at any level of professionalism, canalso be genuine. 


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