Throughout the year driving safe

Throughout the year driving safe should always be your priority .In this paper I will discuss the safety of driving in summer and winter seasons. Winter can brings icy roads you should all ways be careful when driving on icy roads .There are many dangers that a icy roads can bring such as accidents .Summer brings just as much dangers driving in hot weather while not having enough coolant can overheat your vehicle.

   During icy road conditions, any road becomes dangerous. Despite that, most accidents occur on bridges, overpasses, elevated road ways, steep hills, high speed roadways curves, and others. And on all of them driving slowly and more carefully could prevent many accidents from happening. Make sure your car is equipped for all the seasons. For the summer antifreeze, oil, and other necessities that could be needed for you vehicle. For the winter oil ,just in case have a blanket or two if your car is in some accident or you can not start it to keep yourself from freezing.   To keep you and your family safe during all seasons use common sense and keep your car serviced regularly.

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Such as changing the oil, tires, and any mechanical problems fixed would help keep you safe while driving. It is always important to drive attentive no matter what time of year it is. With the few of the most important tips I have given you should be an expert when it comes to summer and winter driving. Following these safety tips can help prevent you from many accidents and wrecks. January 10, 2012 USPS 1234 Rigsby Ave San Antonio, TX 78220 Dear USPS, I am not pleased in your service this month I have been receiving my neighbor’s mail.

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