Throughout along with the story several adventures

Throughout this book they show many Peculiar Photographs that all symbolize a character and their Peculiar strategies. There is a simulation experience while reading this book. The genre of this book is a mix of fiction and photography. The story is about a teenage boy named Jacob. After his grandfather death, he begins to research about all the things his grandfather told him when he was a child. He goes to an island, off the coast with his father to find where his grandfather was sent as a boy to World War II. From there he enters a fantastic world of peculiar, time loops and monsters. He finds vintage photographs scattered throughout the book.

Introducing all the Peculiar children and their strategies. And going along with the story several adventures  leading towards the chilling end. There are about seventeen characters in this book, but the main ones were Jacob Portman, Emma Bloom, and Miss Peregrine . Jacob has been experiencing nightmares after his grandfather’s death.

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His whole life he thought that the stories that his grandfather told him were just made up but after his death Jacob discovers that what he said was true. Peculiar children live in a time loop on an island, Jacob also releases halfway through the book that he is also peculiar, his power is to see monsters like his grandfather. He decides to leave his whole life behind and  go with the peculiar children, mainly because he finds another peculiar child, Emma Bloom attractive (Emma was also his grandfather’s girlfriend). Emma Bloom was also one of the main characters. She first started off as a violent girl.

Throughout the book it’s told that she uses that as a protection. Emma doesn’t age, so she stays twentyone. Emma has many peculiar powers like flying, breathing underwater, and lighting fire from her hands.  Miss Peregrine is the most powerful characters, she owns the home for peculiar children. Because of Jacob’s grandfathers death he thinks he has to go find her. She can turn into a bird ( A peregrine, a type of hawk).

She has two evil sibling (the reason why there are monsters). Four main event from the book are when Jacobs therapist tells him to go to the island, to get more information about where his grampa father grew up. Another important thing is when Jacob figured out that his peculiar power was to see monsters. Towards the end of the book Miss Peregrine get capurde and Jacob gathered with all the other peculiar children and worked together to help he escape. The last main event was in the end of the book when the freed Miss Peregrine but she couldn’t change back to a person ( stayed as a peregrine), the loop could not reset forcing all the children to abandoned the home and search for other loops. This book was written by Ransom Riggs, the price of the book is about $11.

And this book was published on June 7, 2011.


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