Through demonstrating women’s dedication to battle against various

Through my focus on unpredictable rhyming patterns and erratic form in “Underestimated, powerful, full of belittled ability,” I was capable of using a bird’s battle against hardships to produce a metaphor for women’s power and individuality. “Underestimated, powerful, full of belittled ability” begins with the sorrowful description of a restricted bird whose abilities and speech is limited and controlled, accurately representing women’s barriers and regulations regarding their decisions and voice. “Astonished, the larger birds’ glee and laughter transform into silence” (15)  Nonetheless, during the poem’s last couplets, readers were presented with the Hill Myna bird’s sudden boldness and willpower, demonstrating women’s dedication to battle against various boundaries. Moreover, the work’s beginning stanzas all consist of a regulated and controlled rhyming pattern, emphasizing the bird’s limitations and calculated decisions. However, readers can observe a sudden change, as the pattern slowly contains an uncontrollable and unpredictable scheme, representing the bird’s need to confront and escape her surroundings.

Furthermore, my poem uses form and font sizes in intentional ways, as the tinier fonts represent the bird’s controlled voice and whispering, while the larger fonts demonstrate the Hill Myna’s shocking anthem for individuality. Likewise, the poem’s shape slowly begins to break and advance to the right, creating the effect of a bird’s hesitant flight or the image of an increasing sound wave. Furthermore, my poem describes the hardships of a purposefully chosen bird species named Hill Myna, whose characteristics accurately personify women’s knowledge. Despite this bird’s tiny and ordinary appearance, the Hill Myna continuously surprises its surroundings with its understanding and shocking replies, which correctly relate to women’s hidden capability.

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Thus, by using an unpredictable rhyming pattern and erratic form, I was able to use a Hill Myna’s battle against limitations to reflect and represent women’s power and determination.


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