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In this method, salesmen are trained in a classroom. The teacher in the classroom speaks about various aspects of sales.

The trainee salesmen listen to such lectures and make note of the important aspects. In case of doubts, they seek clarification from the instructor instantly in the classroom itself. The instruction should be well planned and delivered in an interesting manner. The lecturer should possess a good voice, attractive appearance, fluency in speaking the language in which he is going to deliver the lecture and clarity of expression. This method is useful for newly recruited salesmen since they need basic training on the principles of salesmanship. 2. Laboratory Method: Just as science students after listening to the demonstrator’s outline of conducting an experiment go to the laboratory to arrive at the result on their own, similarly after the instructor explains the procedure for studying the product features and asks sales trainees to make a list of the selling points, the trainees take the product, analyse the characteristics, compare them with those of the competitors, read the sales literature, note down the important points and ultimately make individual report about the product. These reports are examined by the instructors who give their instructions wherever necessary.

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3. Discussion Method: This method is imparted for training of experienced salesmen. Such discussion meetings are presided over by an instructor and the trainee salesmen participate in discussion. The trainees are also given opportunities to propose new idea and methods for improving the sales performance. Sometimes, the trainees are given problems and asked to solve them.

At the close of each such session, the instructor rounds off the whole discussion and points out the important suggestions to be implemented. He also points out the errors and mistakes in the suggestions of the trainee salesmen.


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