Three believe it. I have waited for

Three hours to board my plane with an unknown future, a new life, before disappearing.

I wasn’t ready! – I said to myself, but I can’t believe it. I have waited for this all my life. I looked around and they are still there with me, like always.

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My Family, my dad, my brothers, my stepmother and my aunt. I was supposed to take this trip with my brother, not alone. But because some mishaps that didn’t happened. Nothing has happened yet! I mean, no one has cried, I think we all just pretending that it is not going to happen that I am leaving!. I looked around again and noticed she wasn’t there too, but she was absent for ten years… It was my mother, I realized that she was in the other side waiting for my arrival in my new life, my hope future.

Two hours have left and I am finding myself taking pictures, surround with hugs and kisses. Also eating ice cream, pizza. Checking the screen to see the boarding time for my flight and it was already time to board.

This last minutes were the longest that I have ever had in my life and everything started. My dad started to cry desperately, without any word coming from his lips, I understand! I can see the pain in his eyes to let go his “baby daughter”, “his princess”, “her little one”. He said: Please, Don’t go! I will give you everything you want, I will try harder so you can be happy. I didn’t know what to say. I thought that he could never give me the moments I lost without my mother in my childish. So I said: I am going to see her!.

He understood and his last words were: ” I know how she is and it will take her just a month to get tired of you”. I didn’t pay attention or maybe care at the moment. Suddenly my little brother grabbed onto my leg tightly so I can stay. My other brother, that one that was supposed to come with me, was thinking that I am leaving him alone forever and that I lied to him and I am never coming back. I tried to be strong and said to him: “I am going first but I’ll be waiting for you next week too, so don’t worry. We will be together with her”.

I walked away on the line and crowded with many people, I lost the sight of them. I was by myself sitting on the airplane’s seat.


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