Three When I got home later that day

Three goals I have set for myself are improve in basketball, get all A’s all year, and be the top reader in my grade. In basketball, we are required to try our hardest to do everything correct. Our team is still a work in progress.

We go over a lot of ball handling and struggle with a lot of basic things such as passing and shooting. I know it takes more than one person to become better, but maybe my teammates need a spark to get them going on the road to improvement.The first nine weeks has already past and we are almost at the end of the first semester.

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During the first nine weeks I didn’t look at my grades until they handed them out. It made me really happy when I realized I had made all A’s. When I got home later that day my sister revealed that she also had all A’s. That really motivated me to set this goal. I have always looked up to her and she has always strived for the best.

So if she did and has made it this far then I’m willing to do whatever it takes to do the same.Reading isn’t just a past time. I, myself think it pretty fun.

Last year I read 31 books and had over 1 million words read, with a staggering 313.5 point. Well around that area I can’t remember exactly. One of the traits I have is that I am very competitive.

I have a fixed mindset, so when I’m not good at something, I stop trying and it makes it to where my mind thinks it will never learn or be good at that. I’m reading, I excel, and it also helps with all of my subjects. Since I read so much I am fairly good at writing and I know a lot of advanced that come to my advantage in many situations.


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