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Three examples of implementation of Smart ContractsSmart contracts in Real Estate Buying a new property is still a time consuming and very inefficient process. These processes are largely paper based and still facilitated by real estate agents, banks, lawyers and the registration at a deeds office. This can lead to incorrect listings, rental scams and can create an opportunity for fraud to be committed. To address these inefficiencies, Smart contracts can be used to assist, automate and bridge the gap between all the parties involved in the process.Current process when purchasing a property• Choose an agent• Search for the property that you interested in• View properties that are available• Ensure credit score is high enough to qualify for the property• Negotiate terms and conditions of purchase agreementSmart contracts can address some of the requirements listed above• property searches can be done through the Blockchain using a Multi Listing System – The MLS (Multi Listing Service) enables potentials buyers to view properties based on their requirements.• Blockchain digital identities of assets and individuals can be used to conduct a background check on the potential buyers • Smart contract is created on the blockchain with all terms and conditions attached • The Smart contract can facilitate payment of the security deposit via a bank account • Transaction is agreed upon by both parties and is electronically recorded


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