Though thinking because it saves your private

Though technology and the use of the Internet are necessary and a valued part of society, stricter regulations need to be mandated in order to maintain citizens’ rights to privacy, which is vital for a healthy democracy.The government and corporations gather, store and analyze the tremendous amount of data we cuff out as we move through our digital lives (Schneier).

Often the information that they gather is without our knowledge and consent. In fact, your cell phone provider tracks your location and know who’s with you at every moment, your online purchasing patterns are recorded. Cellphone companies know where you live and where you work, it tracts where you spend your weekends, how often you hang out in a bar or how often you go to church. Your emails and texts expose your intimate and casual friends and Google knows what you are thinking because it saves your private searches (Schneier). Corporate surveillance and government surveillance aren’t separate “they intertwine the two support each other, it is a public-private surveillance partnership that spans the world”(Schneier).

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