This The #MeToo Movement is a movement

Thisarticle conveys the message that distinguishes Gabrielle Unions’ experiencewith sexual assault.

The #MeToo Movement is a movement in which it demonstratesthe prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, mostly in the workplace. Mrs.Union has previously been sexually assaulted at gunpoint while working at ashoe store. Sexual assault is a major incident that happens to women all overthe world. Union agrees with the #MeToo Movement and how it “has gained prominence amid a national reckoning aboutsexual harassment and assault in (and beyond) Hollywood. But, GabrielleUnion says not everyone’s voice is being heard,” (Butler). With Unionexperiencing assault herself, she has been speaking out about it for years. In hernew book, “We’re Going to Need More Wine,” she expresses her experience withsexual assault and had an interview with the Savoy magazine:”During the whole interview, I knew I was sitting on informationthat could help a lot of people.

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I wasn’t sure that I was prepared emotionally,mentally, spiritually, financially even to share that,” Union said. I didn’t know what the consequences could be. But when Isaw the route the questions were taking, I thought: I could either answer thesesilly, benign questions or I could share with people a very big piece of my souland perhaps help other people,” (Union).Gabrielle Union givesher respect to other women who have experienced this. She published this bookto give the insight on her sexual assault. She knows that this is a huge incidentthat happens all over and that it is something that should be addressed.

Individualsthat experienced this were asked to share their experience and add the hashtag#MeToo. Tarana Burke is an African American woman who also was a victim ofsexual assault and harassment and wanted to reach out to others who have alsoexperienced this with the hashtag. She wanted to help the other survivors andhave a connection with them. They want to support the message (Union, Burke).


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