This very confused where I was. Looked all

              This dream I had of being in a totalitarian society is more than just having a perfect society it’s more like someone’s worst nightmare. It felt so real like I am actually living in the world in my dreams. It started by waking up laying in bed and I was very confused where I was. Looked all around the room and got up started walking around the whole house. I noticed when leaving my home to see everybody in this society they all follow one leader they call him Big Brother and he watches over them. It seems to me they are being controlled by him as well as me. All the people in this society aren’t allowed to have thoughts any wonder they never finished their sentences when speaking.

I am part of a group called “The Ministry of Truth” where I am in charge of publishing what the group wants the society to see even if it is not accurate. Nobody gets the chance to truly love someone or have a family you truly desire everything you do is controlled. Imagined that being controlled never being able to have thoughts or give your opinions about anything or choosing anything by choice.            Even if my life is filled with misery and pain, I am allowed for a brief time of happiness and love.

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While experiencing these moments a sense of hope for me and the future felt alive. The one in charge was certain that there is no happiness or happy ending in my life. Totalitarianism does not allow for such ending so I must be crushed because if I was to escape Big Brother’s program of showing the true meaning of totalitarianism would be destroyed or lost no meaning to it. I give values of a civilized society peace, freedom, love, and democracy. At the end of my dream, I am destroyed and all the values are destroyed with me.

In this society, I represent the struggle between bad and good forces.         I lost spirit and my humanity the two characteristics that I fought so hard to keep. Big brother knew that my fate could happen to anyone. This is why he destroys me at the end so many can understand big brother warning and see that his totalitarianism world is very powerful.


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