This use to meet regularly at her house,

This book is about Madeline whittier , she is a 17 year old teenage that has a really weird disease called SCID,Madeline can not leave her house for any reason or she could be dead , she’s allergic to the world that’s how she describes it on the book. Madeline and her mom Pauline is the only two people alive from her family , her dad and her brother died in a accident when she was smaller. Madeline has a personal nurse,Carla, who takes care of her at all times. One day, a family moves next door to her house and that’s when she meets Olly a young good looking guy, they become friends and start texting each other, Madeline feels some type of attraction for Olly and vice versa.Nobody was allowed to be at Maddy’s house because of her disease but one day her and Olly decided to meet in person so she asks Carla to let him in and she agreed. Olly and Maddy use to meet regularly at her house, Olly was having problems with his agressive dad so Maddy decided to step outside without caring about her circumstances. Nothing bad  happened that day but Pauline saw her getting out of the house and got mad at her, she took her phone and did not let her see Olly ,Pauline fires Carla for letting Olly into the house putting Maddy in danger. Maddy gets really upset so she decides to take a trip to Hawaii with Olly without letting her mom know that she is leaving. Olly is really worry about her health but she lies to him saying she has a medicine that is not gonna let her get sick. The first day in Hawaii everything was fine but the second day she starts to get sick, so Olly took her to the hospital and called her mom. Pauline flies to Hawaii and takes Maddy home. After a few weeks the doctor who took care of her , sends Maddy an email saying that she does not have or had SCID, and that the reason why she got sick was because she spent her whole life inside of the house and her immune system did not formed well, she had the immune system if an infant. Maddy was angry and panicked so she starts looking in their mom’s files and does not find any results about her having SCID , the only paper she finds are her mom’s research from the internet. So she decides to go to her mom and confront her , her mom was really nervous but she admits that she does not have SCID, Maddy goes to Carla and tell her what happened , she says she has always suspected that. The following week Maddy sees how Olly , his mom , and his sister pack their stuff into a van while their dad is at work. Her and Olly continue to text each other.Pauline finally explains why she lied to Maddy about having SCID, she says that after her dad and her brother died she got very sick so she didn’t wanna lose her too so she decided to lie about her having SCID so could stay safe home all the time. Maddy needed some time away from her mom so she decided to take a trip to New York and see Olly. Maddy and Olly reunite happily in New York.


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