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Thispaper examines the settlement and adaptive experience of Chinese immigrants inVancouver, Canada. It illustrates the reasons for the Chinese people toimmigrate to Vancouver and how they had to face initial difficulties toassimilate with their culture and society and adjust to their environment butgradually they proved to be a boon for Vancouver success story of becoming the oneof most developed cities of Canada.

It will also throw light on negative sideof influx of Chinese capital and investment effect on business and employmentopportunities of native Canadians and their misinterpretations and racism againstthem. Overall based on past research and journals this paper delineates thefacts and inferences of Chinese influence and how it shaped Canada’s economy andculture but still treated as outsiders. INTRODUCTION Immigration,a word first coined in America,1792 according to online etymology dictionary, bydefinition means the movement of people from home country to another country wherethey originally don’t belong to or in other words act of migrating from home toforeign country. Before America immigration had happened in the past too althoughthe word took birth in America. There are both economic and non-economic factorsfor immigration. The economic factors include better standard of living with improvedwage rates, better job opportunities & better education accessibility. Non-economicfactors comprise of war, genocide, natural disasters, ethnic cleansing & politicalcontrol (like dictatorship).

(Lumen 2012)1Immigrationis nothing new but a common phenomenon and with the progress and advancement intechnology of transportation and other means of communication, it has exponentiallyrisen worldwide which impacts both home and the host country. Each and Everycountry from east to west has been part of immigration where their population nowconstitute of heterogenous people with different cultures, traditions and languageswho have accumulated from time to time. It brings both positives and negativesalong with it. If we consider the example of West especially of USA, it comprisesof multi ethnic groups like Europeans especially Spanish, then Mexicans, Africans,Asians & Australians. It has seen major development in its economy in whichimmigrants play a key role in uplifting and expanding the business along withcreation of startups running successfully offering employment opportunities andthus generating huge wealth attracting investors from Europe and other parts ofthe world. Not only America, but in Australia too immigrants have transformed theireconomy. For example, in Nhill, small town in Australia, was facing a struggle withdecreasing population coupled with lack of skilled laborers as similar to many otherAustralian towns. So, it invited a handful of immigrants from Myanmar toresettle in Nhill and work at the local factory.

In 2017, over 200 immigrantsfrom Myanmar has been credited for reviving the town, with an estimated netgain of more than AU$42 million over a four year period


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