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This is the fifth book in The Keeper series, and it is a captivating futuristic adventure for young adults. The author deftly weaves sinister pirates, a tropical island, and ancient pyramids with the struggle that pits good against evil on the Island of Moji,  and where the main characters Matt, Varl, and Targon must puzzle out who they can trust and who they can’t. This is about the friends playing  a computer game, the danger and malevolence come across as real threats to their lives. Uncovering the truth for them becomes paramount to surviving the game. The evil characters in the book are Pirates. The language they speak is like “Ah, me mateys, pirates indeed!” as their code language. The Keeper of the game is captain Scarr.

When Cap’n Persivius Scarr discovers Matt onboard his ship and throws him in the brig, Scarr gets more than he has bargained for his strategies! Matt who is sharp-witted soon discovers that Dreamseeker is not a typical pirate ship and that Captain  Scarr is hoarding a lot more than pirate booty. On the other hand,  After Varl and Targon cleverly discover treasure in the pyramid of Balamachu, Varl mysteriously vanishes in the tomb and Targon enlists the help of Gabriela Kimile to find him—but the Gabriela’s father know about the treasure that he’s not willing to tell and saving the pirates for their misdeeds.  In this Level of his computer game, Matt must have to  untangle a web of pirates, mutineers, islanders and federal agents in order to destroy the Keeper and save the people of the Moji from the menacing  keeper and his defective plan, But the intelligence of the characters who were  against the Keeper  perplex him and easily figure out the method to overthrow the captain Scarr and save the lives. This series of the Kingdom books are amazingly good for the readers who love to have suspense and thrill as part of  their lives.

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This book is full of mysterious and challenges faced by the characters to overcome their problems! And to get rid of the malefactor of the story.By the end of the story the characters finally get succeeded,But the question is ” Do Matt have to face more levels of his computer game to  end up this series of Keeper of the Kingdom?”


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