This study is intended to inform the

This study is intended to inform the reader of the factors that has an influence on offering online workforce development programs in community colleges. Online education is growing and provides opportunities for student growth by allowing them accessibility to class via online. Previous data found that administrative commitment, online student support services, the availability of a full-time online coordinator, internal/external financial and technological resources, adequate faculty participation, and online professional development are six key components in determining whether an institute will offer online classes. This project was conducted to answer the following questions: (1) Is there a relationship between statewide community college governance structure and the number of online occupational programs offered, (2) Is there a relationship between degree of statewide centralization of community colleges and the number of online occupational programs offered, and (3) Is there a relationship between a community college’s local context and whether online occupational programs are offered?
The research was conducted by utilizing a compiled database of online programs and institutional characteristics of 321 community colleges. The design instrument was gathered through various sources: AACC, U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, etc. In concluding, research finds that colleges that operate under statewide governance are more likely to have more online programs than other facilities. Research also showed that the need for additional development for colleges that offer online programs is necessary.
The author provided reliable data from various sources. The information provided was valuable to the topic and no biases was noted within article. In my opinion the article was suitable for the intended audience.


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