This cost of increased suffering to them. Apart,

This study focusses on
the role of IT/IS in improving the quality of life in present time as well as
in future. We will look how IT/IS impact our day to day life by focussing
mainly on three sectors which are healthcare, sports and retail. We choose
these 3 areas because in today’s world these are part of our daily life but not
much attention is given to these areas when we talk about impact of IT/IS in
improving the quality of life. As we all know quality of
life is a very subjective term. Different people will have different views
about quality of life depending on their socio-economic conditions. IT works at
the background of any process because of which it has always been taken for
granted. Ordinary people sometimes believe that these science and technological
advancements will come with a cost of increased suffering to them. Apart, these
advancements have benefited the world in a very radical way. Talking about
health, sports, ease of living, quality of life, etc. all fields have gone
considerable change in its domain. The innovations and progress have not only
made the understanding of these fields easier and clear but also have helped us
in improving the quality of life altogether. Considering the example of the
healthcare industry, the medical advancements and the technologies have helped
us in saving lives of the people. With various automated machines and robots
with the help of IT/IS, the critical diseases can be detected and diagnosed
easily. Taking a basic example of diabetes detection devices, one can detect
the sugar level at home and can be aware of the risk at an earlier stage and
hence can tackle the problem at an earlier stage before it gets serious.
Automated wheelchair, mind signal detector, etc. have been somehow able to read
what is going on in someone’s mind and controlling the movement of the chair.
Though most of the technologies are in its starting phase, comparing them from
the past to the present state, we expect an exponential growth in the future,
maybe more than that.

We are still in a state
in which we dream of being in a society in which everything is connected via
technologies like 5G. At present, when we talk a home, we often consider the
fact of getting an automated home. This will be possible with the help of the
technologies which are still in its developing phase. The most talked topic
these days, IoT is an amalgamation of both the information and communication
technology.In this report we have
reviewed many different articles in the area of healthcare, sports and retail
in order to create understanding of the topic in discussion and to give insight
on the future advancement on the topic of discussion.   


Electronic health record (EHR) – This
technology has revolutionized the whole healthcare industry. This small
instrument is use to store complete medical history of the patient. This
technology proved to be very crucial for patients in diagnosis of serious

Computerized provider (Physician) order
entry – This technology has changed healthcare industry as we no it by reducing
errors related medication. It has also open many frontiers to in direction to
provide good consolation to patients at remote places.


·       Digital
and Social Media – These two words has completely changed the way we have
always seen sports. Providing completely new platform for viewers making easy
for them to catch their favourite match on the go. It also eases the process of
buying ticket for the customers.

technology discussed in this report shows that how advancement in technology
help athletes to improve their game exponentially which in turn make it more
entertaining for viewers.


Shopping is very integral
part of our life. With advancement in technology of retail store, that is going
from offline to online changes the way we shop effecting our day to day life
like no other technology can do. Technologies like robotics, e-commerce
anti-fraud tool is at the forefront of new retail technology. From this report it
is evident that advancement in technology will play a very crucial role in
future for improving the life of humans. But the point of discussion is that in
which direction want to see this advancement. Do we just want advancement in
technology like a new iPhone or a new drone or a flying car which will benefit
only the upper section of the society or should we focus more on technology
which can help to uplift the poorest section of the society example robots
which can be used for scavenging (India and other third world country
specific)? This is a question which requires contemplation not only from
scientist or engineers but also from our corporates, politicians, policy makers
and people like us. We just have to make sure that technology should not
increase the divide between the rich and poor of the society even more because
this will defeat the purpose of technology, which is to improve the quality of
life for the whole human race not only for selected section of the society. In conclusion we can say
we can say that currently IT/IS are integral part of our life. Technology has
impacted each and every aspect humans and will continue to do so. From the
current stage of technology, we can say that in coming years IT/IS will help us
to tackle many problems which we face in our day to day life by constantly
giving us the solution which we faced since the advent of human civilization.
rigorous office paperwork to automated IT systems, from searching the address
to the upcoming automatic driverless cars and vehicles, from letter writing to
WhatsApp chats, oops, video call, and many more areas where we can think,
technology and innovation has its own way of bringing the paradigm shift in
that field.

There is no
limitation where or when IT/IS becomes a backbone for any basic need of the
society. IT/IS has improved the society considerably will continue to do. 



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