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This book, “The Death of The Liberal Class” by Chris Hedges is about how the liberal class is now dead because its members and ideals have cross the line. This book argues about many situations but the most argued is about how the liberal class is beholden to those in power, however, it also has made incremental reforms. The liberal class is democracy, that’s what Hedges believe. What hedges does in this book is to argue about socialist and environmentalist. What hedges does is to focus on what is happening in our society and the failure of the liberal class in it. Hedges really goes by showing how this world is.  This is a book that argues about preventing war, organizing workers, and making a better economy. Liberal class fail in protecting the middle class and to protect the minimal interest in them and of their working. According to Chris Hedges he argues that the liberal class, the press, universities, liberal religious institutions, labor unions, and even the Democratic party have sold out to corporate interest. What all of this did was to fail Americans, what this did was to allow the creation and make the underclass stay. All this constitutions fail whatever they wanted to represent. This affected the needs of the poors, the working class, and the middle class because all of this was just not there.  It was the death of the liberal class, which was a rise to a horrible political configuration. There were millions of workers who were angry because of the liberal class not functioning. There were a lot of liberal disappointments for sure. The liberal class was just defense of the worst power. What liberals did was to accept the power elite. Liberals failed to who they claim to protect. What Hedges claim is that after world war 1 when the liberal elite was always in compromised with power elite, the liberal era that had this growth of mass movements like for example, organizing of labor unions, women’s rights, universal education, housing for the poor, public health campaigns, and socialism it ended by then, after world war 1. Chris Hedges is a reporter for the New York Times, in this book he uses different stories to make his point more interesting, like for example he went to write about injured combat veterans in Israel and South America. He also wrote about those workers who were affected by capitalism, like in China and India.  One point that the author makes is Republican/Democrat dualism. He writes about the elections and how it is more about “a choice of personality than an alternative.” Hedges argues that Obama is a liar just like George W. Bush. And then is when he started to argue about the universities and the unions and churches how they corrupt. Another point the author, Hedges argues about is dismantling the liberal class. What this is about is that the government and corporates elite have worked to get rid of populism in America. He goes by arguing about the media and how after the war in Vietnam the media started. Hedges did explain about where there was this government who helped create this like media monopoly.  The author points out Barack Obama and argues how he didn’t help he didn’t do what he promised to his supporters, he didn’t help the poor and the homeless. For Hedges, Obama fail to have a more liberal agenda. And that just like from Carter, to Clinton, to Obama the liberal class has failed to fulfil the purpose that everything stays the same but that the action just did die.  That presidential elections are an exposed to liberal class. That it stands for nothing. Hedges go by writing how voting for Obama was another failure of how liberal class is dying because President Obama fail to represent his supporter’s interest, he fails them. What Hedged wanted was to forget about every failure that Obama did and start to demand new systems. I don’t agree with this point because i do believe that Barack Obama has been our best president he did too much for Americans. Barack Obama did many great achievements for us. He rescues the Great Recession, signed the care act, he dropped the veteran homeless rate by 50 percent. Hedges next point that i analyze is about media. There is this quote that Hedges wrote, “The cultural embrace of simplification, as Macdonald warned, meant reducing a population to speaking in predigested cliches, and slogans.” This is just incoherent discourse among opposing views. What Hedges did was to make media to the right which means that there are so many people who criticize some news which they believe are lefties but there are not there are bad but because there are violence and global warning but there are not making critiques of imperialism or capitalism. What Hedges say about the media is that it wanted to poverty to be the focus on the news and journalism. I do agree with him, i do believe that media is important, and poverty should be the main point to talk about. There is this commercial media that Hedges wrote about which what it does is to help citizens. I do agree with this media the reason is because Hedges wrote that it rejects reality which it is good, they don’t focus on how hard life is or fortune. But then there is media, that for Hedged is about wanting something they don’t really need. It revolves around money.  There is different kind of medias, these two are different in many ways.  Every argument made in this book was about the liberal class and how it has died. What Hedged did was to be more about the political ideas, like liberalism and not about the class. This book taught me many things, i totally recommend it, i enjoyed reading it and trying to figure Hedges out and understand him. There may be things that i don’t agree with, but he makes you see what is really happening in the world and what is wrong with it. All this institution of the working class defends our interest. Voting for Obama is not a failure that Americans did. The media all it does is to focus on fame and fortune.


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