This mental health disorder that effects and adversely

This pervasive personality disorder is a cognitive mental health disorder that effects and adversely impact the very thought process and the way suffers think about themselves and feel about others. This disorder can cause destabilizing problems in the functioning of suffers thought out their everyday life. It includes a history and pattern of not being able to maintain stable relationships as this disorder distorts self-image and is fraught with extreme emotions and impulsiveness. With this type of personality disorder, there is have an intense fear that includes abandonment issues, emotional instability, and difficulty being alone. The normal reaction to combating these fears would be to ingratiate others and respond in a warm and inclusive manner, yet Borderlines respond with inappropriate anger, impulsiveness and mood swings which serve to may push others away and continue the process of alienating themselves from others even though they desire to have a loving and lasting relationship(s).


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