This key elements to perfect the practice

This essay deals with the most important ideas that have been perfected around the theories of human development. Our objective is to give a general vision of the human development that provides the key elements to perfect the practice in the field of nursing.

In my opinion, the theorists who have revolutionized the studies of development throughout history. In this line, we approach Sigmund Freud and his theory centered on the unconscious; to Erik Erikson and his ideas on human development, the Stages of Development and the development of identity in and Jean Piaget that gives a qualitative leap because it gives rise to the dialogical character, given by mediation, of cognitive development.Starting Erikson, we say that this German scientist was the one who ventured into different fields such as psychology, philosophy, and anthropology establishing a construction of identity from eight stages, where the self-plays a transcendental role. Each of these stages offers a characterization that demonstrates that identity is a continuous process that is progressively increasing and that when adolescence arrives there is a crisis in which the subject, using his experiences, seeks to solve and self-fulfill. The eight stages are the following: trust versus mistrust, autonomy versus shame and doubt, initiative versus guilt, industriousness versus inferiority, identity versus role diffusion, intimacy versus estrangement, creativity versus stagnation and integrity versus despair.Next, we have Sigmund Freud, Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist, founder of psychoanalysis, formulated the first systematic theory of personality development. This theory still exerts a decisive influence on current conceptions of personality formation. This eminent scientist, as Delgado (1986) points out, who with his theories, discoveries and deductions initially provoked a huge opposition and were labeled ridiculous; we consider that it was together with Copernicus, Darwin, Newton, Marx, one of the great revolutionaries of modern science.

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Freud, like Erikson, relied on the development of stages to carry out his studies: the oral stage, the anal stage, the phallic stage, the latency stage and the genital stage. At each stage, there is a conflict that if the subject fails to overcome, in adolescence it will manifest itself in various forms.Jean Piaget, addresses that maturation produces organic growth and development, which allows the subject, under learning conditions achieve greater achievements; sit, crawl, stand and walk, are behaviors that require biological maturation.

Physical experience, likewise, refers to the relationship with environmental objects. This theorist, states that the development of intelligence is a function of the following variables: action, equilibrium, adaptation, assimilation, accommodation, construction and presence of substages. Each of them is described in their studies.Each of these theories of development, despite having particularities in its approach, has very valid points of contact in the development of nursing as a science.

To achieve full development as health professionals, we must work under the approach that the human being from birth assimilates customs, norms, traditions, ways of life; that allows a learning of the influences of the family and the society, thus, receives the name of socialization. This is an essential factor that guarantees the optimization of health care for each of the patients.We must not forget that both, Freud, like Erikson and Piaget, see the human being as a unique and unrepeatable individual that is capable of developing and fulfilling multiple functions, evidencing a behavior; This depends on a series of internal or endogenous factors and external or exogenous, that influence their way of life.I believe that as health professionals, we must nurture and influence ourselves under the theories of human development to achieve a better quality of life for our patients and family members.


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