This authors presentation of the tenor of

This paper argues the real reason why the Mexican American war happened. It wasn’t because Americans were shot on American soil and President Polk felt incline to “protect” the United States from humiliation rather the fact that James Polk send Americans into a disputed area between the Nueces and the Rio Grande rivers with the intentions of starting a war. The Author provides us with a fine summary of the personalities, events and collateral issues surrounding the war’s inception, prosecution and aftermath. Plus the book has a fascinating outline in which the process of Presidential politics in the period in question. Polk in my opinion should never have been president, but having assumed the office he was virtually unstoppable in his pursuit of war.

Furthermore, the authors presentation of the tenor of the times is highly instructive if for no other reason than she reminds us how vitriolic, shameful and corrupt politics were, and always will be. We tend to think the current climate in American politics is the worst it has ever been but this book corrects that misconception.

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