This health care sector has adopted various

resource discusses about real time operating system support in healthcare, from
the perspective of IOT (internet of things). It also provides an extensive coverage
of the benefits of real time operating systems and how it can augment the
healthcare system.


I have
selected this article because it presents a reliable source for a detailed
coverage of the use of real time operating system in healthcare sector.
Moreover, it also highlights the future implication of the technology.


resource has stated that over the years, the health care sector has adopted
various technological advancements to excel in medical achievements. The
advancements of information technology has enabled the clinical practitioners
to take more accurate decisions by reducing the time for diagnosis. The use of
real time operating system is to manage resources, run applications and process
data inputs in real time. This as a result offers high reliability and
consistency of timing between task acceptance and task completion. Modern
medical devices are being developed to work in coordination with other devices
so as to form a network of devices; this concept is often termed as the
internet of things (IoT). Real time operating systems can ensure that the
medical devices can be designed to be more capable. Information sent from one
device to another can be processed in real time, thereby reducing the response
time for the medical units. This technology can have several constructive
implications in future development of medical technology.


resource has proved to be useful as it offers detailed information about the
mechanism of real time operating systems and how it functions. Most importantly
it has provided a clear understanding on how it can be beneficial for the
healthcare sector for reducing response time and operational efficiency. It was
also useful to point the readers towards future development of remote care and


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