This covered sociological, psychological, and organizational issues

This literature review reveals that ERG has been used as a construct to understand what internal perspectives move humans to certain behaviors. As such, the constructs of existence, relatedness, and growth have been developed through qualitative and quantitative empirical studies to understand how employees might improve job performance. The study has been used to look at job satisfaction, self-esteem, co-worker relationships, management influence, and leader styles. Wilcove (1978) suggested adding categories to accommodate the concerns of the military. The theory has even been used to support the cases of those who wish to bring about change in their fields,
The Development and Use of the Theory of ERG: A Literature Review P a g e | 7

Emerging Leadership Journeys, Vol. 5 Iss. 1, pp. 2- 8. © 2012 Regent University School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship ISSN 1941-4684 | [email protected]
economic conditions, and even countries. Consistently, these studies show that extrinsic values are a prime influencer of human needs.
The research covered sociological, psychological, and organizational issues and noted many areas where the construct of ERG may be used as a study. These included studying the relationship between needs and family, esteem and performance, and the need for human rights. It was suggested that future work examine the process of motivational preference: what causes it and why.

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