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A role model is a person or persons that is worthy of emulation and imitation. Becoming a role model is neither an easy task nor something that you become overnight. A process of growth and interaction with the person is required.

There are many forces of influence to people today but it is important for every person and especially children to identify specific role models in the society. In a time when the most influential persons in society like athletes and entertainers are involved in all manner of wrong doings, it is high time that parents played a major role in their children’s life by guiding them appropriately for in such practice lies the key to the young generation becoming a force to changing the world. I count myself lucky to have had Mike Casidey as my mentor. He is someone who understands right from wrong and has good morals that he has instilled in me over time.

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Though I always believed that I am a gifted artist since childhood, in my teenage years I was confused and did not understand the meaning of life. It was not until I began my career and with the careful guidance of my mentor, that I began perfecting my paintings. I do not count myself any different from other humans but if I ever had a question or was not sure of anything, my mentor was always at my service. I cannot be able to thank him enough for the positive impact he has had in my life; actually, he has made me become someone who can now influence others. I believe that the world can change only by doing practical things. I have emerged to love figurative painting especially making paintings that provide solutions to problems. Construction painting means applying art in painting of new or refurbished buildings to make them more attractive and sometimes provide protection from damage (Schmitz 10).

Many people out there are able to make exceptionally good works of art; unfortunately, the numbers are dwindling. Construction painting in Asturias especially one with dignity and beauty is quickly fading away. I believe a painting on the colorful tradition of Asturias will go a long way to provide solutions to problems plaguing us as a society. Construction painting has been associated with the low-income earners and just for the sake of earning an income. The result is the production of low quality construction paintings that lack beauty and the artistic touch (Hughes 174). I believe that art is the deepest expression of the society and the beliefs it underscores. Therefore, art can be used constructively to bring out issues and provide solutions to problems in the society around us. Construction painting, though neglected, should be no different at all and through the colors, shapes and sculptural variations, artists can express the deepest feelings of their being.

I believe in making the world a better place to live in, where the ‘haves’ share what they have with the ‘have nots’. The older share their hard-earned wisdom with the more careless and daring young in the society. I believe in freedom of expression of oneself for the good of the society. I believe in the conservation of the environment for the prosperity of the human race. I believe in the unity of the human race and bringing an end to racism and human trafficking. I believe that good mentors to the young people can achieve all these through careful guidance.

Although the challenges may appear insurmountable, I believe it is possible for Casidey has achieved it through what he has done to me.

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