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This paper will describe about the career Computer Support Specialist (CSS).

A Computer Support Specialist is someone who provides technical assistance and training to system users and investigates and resolves computer software and hardware problems of users. Answer clients’ inquiries in person and via telephone concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, word processing, programming languages, electronic mail, and operating systems(“Computer Support Specialists”Pg1). For me to get where I want to be, I need to get an education.

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After my two years here, I will be going to a school that will teach me what I need to know to become a Computer Support specialist. After I get all of the education I need, I will look for and apply to a company that has an opportunity to grow.A computer Support specialist works in a well lit, comfortable office or computer laboratories, and can also work from home(Roger, Pg2). I am thinking about looking into working in the city because there could be a lot of job opportunities there. A Computer Support Specialist may need to be available 24 hours a day. They may have to work holidays, weekends and night shifts. I can be flexible at times, I just need an 8 hour sleep and i’m ready to go. It’s important that a CSS is available all the time because they might be helping people all around the world and we don’t all have the same time zones(“Computer Support Specialists” Pg 2).

To be a Computer Support specialist applicants must have associate’s degree in Associate of Science in Computer Science which is a 2-year degree. Applicants can study in topics like hardware and software, computer architecture, data storage, troubleshooting and programming. The topic that sounds more interesting to me is troubleshooting and programming. Applicants also might need a bachelor’s degree of Science in Computer Science program. You would need to take some classes in mathematics, operating systems, software design, programming languages and network security(“Computer Support Specialist:Salary and Career Facts” pg 1). Some companies might require their CSS employees to get a certification in software that they use. The median annual salary is around $62,670. The lowest 10% earned less than $37,040 and the higjest 10% you can earn is more than $105,910(“Computer Support Specialists” Pg 2).

In 2003 customer support specialists earned a salary of $31,200 (“Computer Support Specialist” Pg3). I know that in this field that I would start at a entry level salary and as I gain more experience I could earn more.Computer Support Specialists are expected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations(“Computer Support Specialists”Pg1). The growth for employment is to grow from the demand for IT support services. As more technology is developed, the demand for IT Specialists will grow even more. The ideal expectation of new employees to gain in 2026 are about 87,100 (“Computer Support Specialists” Pg1). The current amount of jobs from 2016 is about 835,300 employees(“Computer Support Specialists” Pg 1). Many employees are saying they decided they wanted to become a Computer Support Specialist because they like to work with technology.

Employees are saying that sometimes you need to multitask and you work at a fast and busy pace. They say that sometimes you have to take work home. Employees are also saying that even thought you went to college to become a Computer Support Specialist you still learn as you go while working. Computer Support Specialists work more than 40 hours a week. You need to keep up with the latest technology so you don’t fall behind in your job.

The companies send their IT employees for training on new software to keep up with the changing technology. I do have some experience within this job. At home I am considered as the go to tech person if there’s a problem or someone needs help setting something up. I have many family members that are always asking me for help. Many times when family comes over my house, they ask me to look at something on their phone and they know that I would be able to fix it. For example, my aunt thought my grandfather had got a virus on his iphone. I told her that you can’t get any viruses on an iphone.

She download an antivirus app on his phone. Later that day after she had set up the app and then spoke to an Apple representative who told her that it was not necessary.She told me I was right about not being able to get a virus on an iphone and she deleted the app off my grandfather’s iphone. A computer Support Specialist helps other with computer problems. They have to be available 24/7. Computer support Specialists need at least an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree. Some Companies might require Computer Support specialists to have a certification in one of their softwares that might use.

The demand is growing 10% faster than the average for all occupations. Many people decided to choose this career because they like to work with the latest technology. I feel this jobs fits me because I’m always using technology and I can always help someone if they need help figuring something out.


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