This that sometimes I need an explanation of

week’s two readings are focused on occult belief. One of the reading discusses
how human belief is formed through several processes. There are seven different
unit when human forms a belief (Alcock, 1995). In the process of forming a
belief, he mentions other factors that can affect our belief, such as
emotional, memory, and environment. In the second article, the authors talk
about why it is important to learn about occult belief and several factors
contributing to unrealistic belief (Singer & Benassi, 1981).

of all, occult belief exists because people need explanation for why a certain
event occurs. We cannot assume that occult belief is generally unrealistic
beliefs without any benefit. From reading both articles, it is obvious that
human forms occult beliefs under circumstances which they are uncertain and do
not have enough information to refer to. When human are unsure what is
happening, they are more likely to form occult belief. For example, I am a
person who believe in horoscope. After reading these articles, I thought the
reason why I believed in horoscope. The reason I come up with is that sometimes
I need an explanation of why a certain person’s characteristic is like this.
Rather than seeking for psychological theories to explain characteristics, I
looked for easy accessed information without any reliability and blindly
believe it. This is because I am uncertain of how characteristics form and do
not enough access to the information I need.

occult belief can be reduced by gaining more scientific knowledge and thinking
critically. A major reason why people form occult belief is because they want
to seek truth but they do not have the knowledge. Therefore, they do not have
the ability to know which reason is true and which is false. From looking at
Singer & Benassi’s article, they suggest that the solution for reducing
occult belief is to include more scientific knowledge in elementary readings
and news articles. Furthermore it is more important to teach people how to
think critically rather than believe the given knowledge blindly. Only from
teaching people how to seek out evidence to support their thinking, they can
understand even scientists can make mistakes and what they are believing might
not be true. Having more access to real knowledge and teaching people to think
critically can reduce occult belief.

environmental factor has a large contribution to occult belief. Humans are
social animals and what the people surrounded them are saying have a huge
impact on them. For example, if a person is living in an environment which many
people ghosts exist, that person is more likely to believe in ghosts than a
person growing up in an environment which no one believes in ghosts. Because
the words of other people are powerful, whether a person believes in something
is largely based on the social context. When a person does not have enough
knowledge of how something works, that person will probably seek out advices of
other people. Therefore, it is obvious that environmental factor has an impact
on forming unrealistic belief.


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