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This essay will examines the implication of European case study Rogerson-Revel 2007 with current business in Indonesia as part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. English as a lingua franca has given a number of advantages to the International trades for the last two generation (Evans, 2013). Particularly in Europe, English as a lingua franca has become a useful tool for The International business meeting (Rogerson-Revell, 2007). Kankaanranta, Louhiala-Salminen, and Karhunen (2015) also articulate that English as a shared language in international and corporate organisation, it explains that businesses received a number of benefit by promoting English as a curtail communication tool in many industries. Understandably companies around the word are adopting English as a useful tool to communicate between people with different native language. Specifically, they use to communicate with other businesses or business partners around the word with out having to learn on each one of their native language, which makes the operation a lot easier.This essay shows of how English as a lingua franca has been contributed to the business in Europe and ASEAN.

According to Rogerson-Revell (2007) In Germany corporations are increasingly implement English as common working language. Particularly for international companies. It becomes a requirement that employees have to be able to speak English, in order to support the future of the business. Study by Crystal 1997 (as cited in Rogerson-Revell, 2007) state that 99% of organisations in Europa use English as a working language.

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Likewise Indonesia as part of ASEAN, the use of English as lingua franca has dramatically increased in global market industry and professional world (Evans, 2013). Study by Friedman 2006 (as cited in Evans, 2013) shows the adoption of English as a lingua franca in developing countries is one of indicator in generalisation of the economic globalisation.The use of English as a lingua franca is very crucial either for the global business or the relationship between the company and the country itself. Study examines the type of leadership and the effect of decision making where English as a lingua franca is used among Asian Business professional. As the result says that the company tend to hold up the tender or the process of the business because of a lack of English proficiency (Redshift, 2015).

However, Bertha Du-Babcock (2017) mentioned that “we recognize the importance of discursive contexts and linguistic factors that influence leadership” P.86.


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