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This paper tackles e-commerce marketingand their marketing strategies, so In this paper i’ m talking about briefoverview. The primary objectives are to look into the marketing strategieswhich are the best for everyone and to see some process of driving sales in a wayof raising some online store’s brand and the other product offerings. Keywords: marketing, marketing strategies 2. INTRODUCTIONThis topic is really interesting andthere is a lot of interesting strategies which I will represent in thisproject. First of all marketing is one process, that process learning all theconsumers why they need to choose any products of one company, over othercompanies and the other competitors. The most important thing of marketing is findinga good marketing methods, so when you find those right methods ,you in directeducating and influencing your people (consumers).Marketing is everything whatconsumers meet in a business, and example for that is :everything what they canhear, advertising, services that they receive.

..Marketing also means creating someproduct but also includes creating some product concepts, and includes explorationand identification of who will purchase some product, promotion of that productand moving that product in the selling channels. The main point of themarketing are “4P’s”:Product, Price,Promotion, Place. Products need to be ready, with their quality andquantity ,for the pricing, promoting and they have to be in a right place. Wehave different types of a marketing and they are radio, print, television andthe most popular is online marketing. ( Learn About Different Types of Marketing with This Beginner’sGuide, Nn.d.

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) 3. LITERATURE REVIEWUpon streamlining the topic of thispaper, and narrowing it to the specifics of  a marketing literature that proved vital for amore profound comprehension is that on marketingas a term. If you want that your company reach some point of maintaining a goodsuccessful established customer base it is really important to know trends andcurrent marketing trends for e-commerce business. E-commerce in general is oneprocess and that process driving sales  and in that way raising awareness aboutonline stores brand .

Setting structured e-commerce website is the turn point ofachievement for some brand. So, it is very important that every company investingin website and that have amazing marketing strategy. (Mouseflow,2016) First ofall every company needs to be original and creative, to make something uniqueand attractive. So the main point is to PRODUCEsome ORIGINAL Content.

Firstly thereis setting up an e-commerce websitefor that high quality content which is original. Those first steps will makesome good interaction with thecustomers , they will be attracted to interact with a company, they will besatisfied and they will probably purchase something. It is very important toleave some mark on a customer’s mind and to make a good statement. After youlaunch e-commerce site you need to check is that site good enough and is itpractical for the consumers (language,website’s layout etc.

) because when they visit your website for themeverything needs to be easy , practical , simple . Consumers need to feel sonatural and comfortable on those sites , that easily choosing what they wantand that easily find what they need. Language which you are using on that pageis also important, because access to the internet has everyone and everyonecould enter there without problems from many different countries. So one of theimportant thing is OPTIMIZING websitelayout. Every type of a marketing needs to have some content and that canattract more people and more positive attentions.

Also, interaction  with a consumers is easier when there is someproper content. And when you create and promote good original content , you aregiving appropriate information to consumers and something new and in that wayyou are ensuring the audience. You can always create some videos, blog posts,and make it more interesting. Also, one important thing is a budget , marketingbudget. When we are talking about that , it is good to consult  some experts , to invest in some good highquality software , to teach and train employees , train all the team and bealways prepared for new things . (Mouseflow,2016) When we are talking aboutteam , it is important to listen everyone in team , everyone’s ideas andcreations.

As PARETO’S 80/20  rule said : “20% of the input creates 80% of the result 20% of the workers produce 80% of the result 20% of the customers create 80% of the revenue 20% of the bugs cause 80% of the crashes 20% of the features cause 80% of the usage”  (Understanding the Pareto Principle (The 80/20 Rule , n.d ) That in general means that it is good to have80% of informations on the site and 20% promotional content and everything thatyou publish on the website needs to be , first of all, unique , theninteresting and very relevant. Beside all that examples that I wrote ,alsoimportant thing ,when we are talking about e-commerce marketing is to have somecommunication with other companies , markets, customers and etc. Consistency isalso included in e-commerce marketing of all team ,they all need to give theirpersonalities to the site and that will create that your audience trust yourproducts. E-mail marketing is alsoeffective in e-commerce marketing , but you need to make them personal and inthat area you need to offer promotions which are valuable and socializethem.(Mouseflow, 2016) You need to set URL in site when customers are enteringand visiting . Always make some analytics of email marketing efforts.

One of the most important methods issearching engine optimization and that means that you page needs to be alwaysupdated and fresh with a relevant content. One of the popular section ine-commerce marketing is PAY-PER-CLICKwhich includes three elements : „the ad „, the offer” , „the landing page” .(Mouseflow,2016)All of these three need to be in a good shapeand good connection between them ,with a good harmony , there need to becustomized for keywords  and that couldbe seen from the top of search engine results. (Mouseflow, 2016)(Mouseflow,2016 jpg)1Very important is that landing page is thebest place for boasting products benefits to all customers. Nowdays when mobile phones are the most famous andeveryone using them , they are dominant in this world , everyone using internetfrom the mobile phones ,more and more than on the computers and laptops , onthe phone you can easily access to the internet and every information that youneed you can get from the phone so fast .

Because of that it is important to locate andmake access from the phones for the customers and make applications for yourpage and that needs to be fully responsive.In that way you can use many mobile marketingstrategiues and tehniques  to find andtarget mobile users. One of the most famous targeting is GEO-targeting based on users location and that is famous becauseyou can find customers all around the world , make business in  that way also .

One of the best examples ofe-commerce  is selling on the internetsites such as Ebay , Amazon , on Facebook , etc. (E-commerce platforms,2017) 4. DISCUSSION OF THE FINDINGS OF THEDATA AND CONCLUSIONThis was really interesting topic for mebecause I like marketing .Marketing is so chaotic and always there is somethinginteresting , people which working in marketing sector need to be creative andthat is the best part of the job . My own opinion is that e-commerce marketingis such a good thing, especially nowadays when most of the people are on theinternet and they are always finding something there , also they are buyingmany thing trough the internet so fast , and just easily access to some pages .

E-commerce marketing is an adventure. All in all you need to be unique and thatis also one important fact . Uniqueness attracting customers and also easilyaccessing to that page is an advantage. We live in a modern world and modern centurywhere it is easier to shop online rather then go to some store outside.

For me thatis advantage , because you can buy everything easily , people work too much andthey do not have so much time to do the shopping. So for me this is amazing ideathat people created on the internet. One important fact is that everyone ,who isin e-commerce marketing and working that , needs to have strategic e-commerce marketingplan and that is  the main point. 1 Interesting photoabout PAY PER CLICK 


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