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This argument is referring to which is safer, a dirt bike or a four wheeler. This topic can be argued in different sides. People can say that dirt bikes are safest, but they also can say four wheeler are safest. Now without thinking, I would think four wheelers are safer because they have 4 wheels, but for some point of existent a lot of people say dirt bikes are.

We don’t know if It’s true or not but in this argument I will do my best to prove to you that a dirt bike is safer than a ATV. A researcher from John Hopkins University teamed up to find the percentage of ATV crashes in the year of 2016. The data shows that 50% of American riders are killed by ATV crashes than dirt bike crashes. They also explained that 55% of ATV riders will be in the hospital, when compared to dirt bikes which is at a 42% rating. Between 2002-2006 over 60,000 victims suffered from off-road motor vehicle crashes. The National Trauma data Bank has reported that over 72% of those crashes was from ATVs.

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On a dirt bike you can get into smaller places at top speeds. With a four wheeler, it’s more difficult. People doesn’t really know why people crash more often on four wheelers. Some people say that It’s the helmet but how can you compare helmets when there typically the same. Dirt bikes are so much safer because you can do more.

ATVs are much heavier than dirt bikes are. Which explain a little more why riders typically crash more than riders on dirt bikes. When it comes down to reality, studies shown that dirt bikes are the safer than four wheelers. As far as reports go, there has been more crashes on ATV than any other off-road motor vehicle in the world. A lot of people die on four wheelers, a lot of people been hurt, and it’s also came down to the point where four wheelers has changed people lives. People has gave up on riding off-road vehicles because they have experienced crashes or seen family member get into accidents.


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