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This Argument is between Dirt Bikes and ATVS, To tell you which one is better and which one is more dangerous than the other. It’s all about what you like , People who want to ride a Atv for going camping or mudding. If you fall off one it can hurt you , Because Atvs most likely going to flip over . People who to ride dirt bikes have less chances of getting hurt if they in up crashing.

Dirt Bikes and Atvs are both great things to have fun with family and friends.Dirt Bikes are more safer than Atvs , Because Atvs death rates are more higher than dirt bikes. Atvs weighs like 1,000 pounds if your in a accident that will be a lot of weight to fall on top of a person. Dirt bikes will have less chances of getting hurt if they crash. Dirt bikes are more smaller and weigh less than Atvs.

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It usually weighs under 200 pounds , You might just break a few bones.Dirt Bikes are way cheaper than Atvs. People spend more money each year on Atvs , Because their child may had outgrown their old one and need a bigger one. But with dirt bikes you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars each year. A new honda Atv costs like $7,300 but if you get a honda dirt bike it would cost you about $4,500. It’s all about if you trying to save money or spend more money.

Dirt Bikes are way more easier to fit in the back of a truck , Because you can fit like 3 of them in the back. But with Atv it would be no way you could fit more than one on a back of a truck because of there large size. One thing about Atvs is that they are better for Hunting , Camping and Farming . It will be more easier to carry things on the back of it.

With dirt bikes there is no way you could carry things unless its in a bookbag. That’s why Dirt Bikes are way better than Atvs.


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