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This topic is shed a light on thestory of a women named Elena, from Tanzania So many problems were faced by her,during the time of his delivery .Because at first they don’t have enough moneyfor going to hospital. And next one is that, there was no any medical facilitywas available near his home town. Even, his baby was died before birth. Everyminute a women dies during the critical situations of pregnancy.

And anotherreason of deaths is “marriages of girls in their early age” (36) .The ratio of deathswere fall down in 1980.It was explained by a report which published in Lancetin year 2010.In this article Francine Coeytaux andBelle Taylor –McGhee want that, medical amenities should be provided properlyin to undeveloped nations for females. Because an expert doctor and a hospitalis a great need for pregnant female. Apart from this, investment should be roseup into medical field because if the investment will incline, then women’s willget perfect health services from hospitals. For instance, In Dodoma, where acenter is working for developing the procreative services for women’s, itprovide rooms as well as food supplies for females (38) .

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It is verydisgraceful that, in Afghanistan just 14% women’s were expert assistance forhandling pregnancy cases.And second step that should be takeninto account that is, abortion should be safe and legal for females because; “ineach year 20 million unsafe abortions were happened according to WHO” (38).  In India government also focus on thisproblem and make some law to reduce this problem and in 2002 abortion wasbecome secure as well. Furthermore, it is very essential step to make a controlon this problem.

If it will become legal then woman can get number of benefitsfrom this.The third one is, the same rightsshould be given to the women’s which make them strong economically, socially,politically and physically as well. It was decided by the ICPD conference inyear 1994 (Coeytaux and Taylor-McGhee). When it was takenplace in next year’s then it set so many goals for the betterment of females.U.

S plays an important role, because all type of important things were done bythis nation. Although, their some targets were not completed because of lessinvestment of money .But most of them were successfully completed.

The last point but not least, the roleof congress for solving this problem. That made a focus on the betterment ofthe females (41). Feminists arealways encouraged by this party about their rights. A global health act hasbeen presented by Rep.Barbara Lee. He did not pay his full attention only tosolve serious issues related to child birth but also other ailments like HIV,and malaria. Procreative health is also promoted by him on universal level.

ButRep.Yvette Clarke pays attention on global sexual and health matters. Anotherastonishing feature of this article is that Rep.

Lois Capps concentrate on theboth areas international and domestic. She collect amazing figures aboutpregnancy that, 15% pregnancies are too much risky and complex on every place,and sometimes it become a serious condition for a woman, when they don’t get propertreatment .Further perusing the discussion with more ideas that, a conferencetook place in 2010 in Washington in which females members of congress, expertadvocates and skillful doctors participate.

All of them share the way, in whichthey can make a control on the issues related with females health. It wasexplained by them that, these ways may be less costly, than they appear. As per my perception it is a veryinteresting for me to read and for gaining knowledge about issues related withwomen’s life and health. When I read this article then, I come to know aboutthat how many ladies bear problems during the childbirth. And also it helps meto increase my imagination power that, how women spend their life in past time.In this article authors contain amazing figure about this problem from thedifferent places which are very interesting to read and understand.To make women’s more self-depend goodeducation must be needed and also women’s should be fully supported by thesociety in all decisions. This problem of deaths of females during the periodof childbirth should be addressed as soon as possible, because females are thebackbone of our society so we have to do something to improve the condition offemales.

Although in some nations, the position of girls and females is betterbut no one can deny from the truth that in some undeveloped countries women’shave to bear so many difficulties related their health, social status, rights,and personal life as well.


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