This by Quetext6 and The Pensters7 were

This next task is to collect
various sources of information on plagiarism. Before starting this assignment,
the assignment directed for a description on my own opinion on what plagiarism
is. I believe plagiarism is taking information that you either found online, in
a book, or overheard from someone that is not from yourself and presenting it
as your own knowledge. This section will show the development and description
of what multiple resources describe plagiarism as. This investigation will
start off by researching online plagiarism checkers to find which websites are
useful and which ones are not. To investigate the usefulness of the cite a
submission of this paper’s pre-reflection was turned into multiple online
plagiarism detecting websites to see which gave the best results. The first
plagiarism detection tool under scrutinization was developed by Small SEO Tools5.
This cite labelled the writing at one-hundred percent unique and plagiarism
free, but the page was riddled with clickbait which makes it hard to support
the integrity of the program. The programs created by Quetext6 and
The Pensters7 were not very memorable. They provided quick feedback
but claimed that there was no plagiarism present in the submission. Grammarly8
seems like a promising source to check for plagiarism but it requires payment
of an account to get the results. The preview page suggests that they have
punctuation and style suggestions to improve the writing quality, but no
verification can be given to the credibility of this offer without the purchase
of an account. The favored website for this review is one designed by EduBirdie9.
This website was a clear winner compared to the other researched plagiarism
checkers. The page offers a link to each source that they claim that similarity
of writing is shared, and they also provide each plagiarism claim with a similarity
index number to show how close you are to their source. They also provide a
link to show you which exact section of the writing they are referring to.


Most students involve
themselves in the use of websites that are academically dishonest for the ease
of homework submission. There are plenty of online resources that are available
that provide information on homework assignment problems which allow students
to copy and paste solutions into their own submissions. One of the biggest
culprits of this assistance is Chegg10. This website is one of the
most popular homework assistance websites of all time. They provide specific
solutions to textbook problems sorted by book and hire workers to answer
specific questions that have been assigned to a student. This is also very
similar to Yahoo answers11 and Course Hero12 which both
also allow students to submit a question to a site and wait for a solution to
be uploaded. There are also websites that are available that will write an
essay for you like the one created by EduBirdie13. For this website
you just need to submit a topic and it will generate multiple essay options for
you to choose from. This is similar to 123 Help me14 which provides
already written essays on multiple topics for viewers to read and choose from.
Another widely used online tool is Wikipedia15. Many students use
this website to find quick information without properly citing where they found
their source. All these websites provide information that students use
regularly without properly citing or producing their own solution of a problem.
The use of these websites in this way disagree with the ASU academic integrity
policy which states that “materials from the internet may not be used without
full attribution16.” The academic dishonesty policy speaks against
plagiarism avidly and any submissions against it may result in a student
getting an XE in the course or even expulsion from the university entirely. Most
of these sources have the potential of being a great tool by providing
assistance on problems that students may be stuck on or by providing
information that may help them reach their own conclusion. These websites only
become dishonest when the student themselves copy down the solutions word for
word, copy and paste an already made essay, or even just credit online
information as their own. Academic dishonesty is put into effect only by the
student, it is not in the hands of the websites that provide these services.
Professor Burrows has included this in her assignment to make it very clear
that any student caught using these websites in an improper fashion may receive
an XE in the course.


Being able to properly quote
and paraphrase citations is a fundamental component to any essay or report. If
a student uses an online source to help them with their assignment they are
expected to give due credit to that site. ASU describes plagiarism as “using
another’s words, ideas, materials or work without properly acknowledging and
documenting the source16.” Acknowledgement is the key distinction
for any successful and academically honest report. The biggest issue with most
student is that they are unaware that they are plagiarizing in the first place.
They do not always recognize the difference between reaching a unique
conclusion after reading an article and taking the information from that
article directly and presenting it as their own17. To be successful
with any future career it is necessary to master this skill.


reading ASU’s academic integrity policy, it was concerning to find that full
attribution must be given to every link that is used from the internet. When
attempting to complete an assignment that you do not fully know the information
for you tend to hurry along multiple websites and take whatever information you
may need to complete the assignment. It is important to give reference to the
original cite that is used to make sure the professor knows where you are
getting your information and how you have come to reach certain conclusions. A
surprising concept from this assignment was how many different definitions
there are for what plagiarism is. Because this definition is so indefinite it
is important to make sure to pay attention to which websites and textbooks you
visit to complete for an assignment and to make sure to reference everything
that was used.


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