This 2.0, as a set of core principles

Thisis an introduction to the concepts of the Web 2.0.  The ‘Web’ (World Wide Web) is a program,created by Sir Berners-Lee.  Demystifyinga common belief that it is born with Internet, the ‘Web’ is a creation based ona hypertext computing language as Berners Lee’s work carries on from what someof his predecessors’ initiatives brought to the attention of the media world.

  For example the original idea of VannevarBush when in 1945 created his MEMEX system, pursuing the possibility ofinformation sharing via ‘interactive computing’ (Castells, 2003, p. 15).  It is commonly abbreviated “WWW”3 and usedincorrectly interchangeably, with the term Internet.

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The World Wide Webfunctions as a “virtual container” of data, be that a set of images,text and other forms of media. Internet is a system of network(s). Thephrase “Web 2.0” was coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004 to market the risingphenomena of online collaboration, sharing and communication. (Samms, 2018,Weblearn) Whatis commonly and easily identified as a new technology is better defined byO’Reilly Media, Inc., in their published article discussing Web 2.

0, as a setof core principles that are at the base of the Web 2.0 phenomenon.Those principles, according to O’Reilly are:The Web As PlatformHarnessing Collective IntelligenceData is the Next Intel InsideEnd of the Software Release Cycle Lightweight Programming Models Software Above the Level of a Single Device Rich User Experiences. (O’Reilly, 2018).

Itis a cybernetic structure, as, for instance, its trans-disciplinary basedprinciples drive for “Rich User Experiences” (O’Reilly 2018) as it enable forexample a greater responsive web designed pages. A major innovation milestonefrom its predecessor Web 1.0, a predominantly read-only technology andgenerally associated with the WWW, is the fact that Web 2.0 offers the optionof greater interactivity as “the wildly read-write web” (Diaz, Rodrigo, 2018).A major example of rich interactive user consumption is Wiki .


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