Think topic. How else can we test a

Think about it deeply, and the logical thought would be “Exams shouldn’t be abolished!”

Exams are the one and only way to test a student’s ability of how much they understand of a topic. How else can we test a student other than exams? Some may say we can use project work, but there might be an unfair distribution of workload. Exams focus on an individual, clearly showing what they do not understand.

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If exams were abolished, who would have wanted to study? Maybe some people would but the force pushing them, motivating them to study will not be there anymore! If it was for the sake of getting a better job, you don’t even need to work very hard since most of the people would be too lazy to study and you could easily have a performance above average. If there were no exams, what is the use of having lessons? Many would have not bothered to remember what was taught in those lessons. Exams can force students to improve their memory and remember what they learn and apply in real life situations.

On a larger scale, exams can help to allow comparison between schools. Without exams, no one would have known where an individual or a school stands in the whole nation or world. It sets a certain standard for students.Hence, exams should not be abolished, for the better of our students.


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