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They say opportunity is like a door, just standing there, waiting for you to go through it, but no one ever seems to think about that fact that doors can be locked or hard to find. Or sometimes the door is there, but you just can’t see it. That’s exactly the problem that many people face today. Even if the door is locked all you need is a key. Three main keys for opportunity are environment, company, and attitude. With even just one of these keys you can open the door of opportunity and find success.Our environment is the first key to unlocking the door of opportunity. Environment starts at your moment of birth and can’t be changed by how hard you work or how much you want to succeed. This factor is luck and can be both helpful or harmful to you. An example is that most people born into a poor family don’t have the option of going to a private school. The flip side of this is being born rich going to the best schools and having private tutors to help you out. Environment is great if you have it, but no matter how your environment is it can still be wasted or overcome through company and attitude.The next way to opportunity is through your company. The saying, “Good people bring out the good in people,” is true, but the opposite is as well, friends can be either a burden or a blessing. Friends who do bad things and who encourage you to do them as well aren’t the people you should be spending time around. To be successful find friends who challenge you to do better and help you on your path. The first opportunity I had to get a job came from a friend he worked at the company and told me I should apply for a job there. I did and put him down as a character reference and two weeks later I had my first job catering a wedding. Good company is a big part of being successful, but it is nowhere near as important as attitude.The most important key to opportunity is attitude. You can be rich, attending the best school in the country, and have friends and family who care for you, but if you don’t care enoughto take advantage of these gifts you will never act on your opportunities. Even if you grow up in a bad environment or don’t have friends who make good choices, you can overcome it all through your attitude. There are few things that can’t be beaten with hard work and determination. Attitude is everything, it’s the first thing people notice about you, and it is the key to opportunity and success.Opportunity can be hard to find, but it will find you if you have the keys of environment, good company, and a great attitude. Don’t wait for opportunity to find you go out and make it happen, and if your door to opportunity is locked, pick the lock.


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