They children in for some cake. Jem

They are growing up and should know whats going on in their town.They brought food to Atticus’s house.Miss Maudie invites the children in for some cake. Jem tells her that he thought of these people as the best in the world, but, after he saw the trial, he doesn’t know anymore.

Miss Maudie points out that Judge Taylor appointed Atticus instead of the regular public defender. She also tells them that the jury staying out for so long can be a sign of progress in relations to race.Atticus told Jem that a white mans word will always overpower and black mans word in Alabama and they want that to be changed. Atticus tells Jem and Scout that because he made Ewell look like a fool, Ewell needed to get revenge. Once that Ewell has gotten his revenge out, Atticus expects no more trouble. One of the Cunninghams that was on the jury wanted to acquit. When Scout heard this, she says that she wants to invite Walter Cunningham to dinner, but Aunt Alexandra forbids it, telling her that the Finches do not associate with trash.

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Scout thought that she would give a nice gesture to the Cunninghams, but Aunt Alexandra turns it down. Scout and Jem then later discuss the class system and why their aunt despises the Cunninghams and why the Cunninghams look down on the Ewells, who hate black people. After not being able to figure out why people go out of their way to hate each other, Jem suggests Boo Radley does not come out of his house because he does not want to leave it. I think that he’s right about Boo Radley because Boo might want to stay to himself and he probably just wants to stay out of the way of things. The circle talked about an African tribe being converted to Christianity, the Mrunas.

The group then talked about how their own black servants have misbehaved ever since the Tom Robinson trial. Miss Maudie shuts them up with quick remarks after everything that the other women said.  They said she needs to wear dresses to be a lady. They didn’t care whatsoever so they didn’t have an opinion and to them, he was just some other black man.


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