Word her very quickly. He then realizes that

Word Count: 1867In the movie Antz the ants posses very many qualities which are similar, and
some the same as humans. The first quality that is similar to humans, is that the
ants all try to work themselves to the top of the ant colony, this is one quality
that the character Z has more then the others. Another quality that the ants
have to live by which is they live, and follow instructions by one controller.

The ants also posses many similar human characteristics. They also show
similar emotions that us humans show. The ants in the movie also posses the
same actions, and there is great similarity to their interaction with each other,
as us humans have. These qualities are all clearly shown throughout the whole
movie, and are very much similar, and some are exactly the same as human
qualities. As we all know, a humans dream in general, it to get to the top of
their society somehow. Humans usually seem to think that what they do is
worthless, and that they have no choice but to do something that they dont
want to. Humans will always try to work as hard as possible until they are the
best at what they do. This quality is similar to that of Zs. Z is the average
working ant. He is depressed about how his life is going and he feels like he is
not going anywhere. He tries his hardest to not be the average working ant by
switching places with his soldier ant friend. He does this because he meets the
princess Bala in a bar one night, and he falls for her very quickly. He then
realizes that the soldiers have to go for the royal inspection where the princess
will also be. Z realizes that if he switches places with his soldier friend, then he
will be able to see the princess Bala again. This is a form of working himself to
the top because, in my opinion, he fell for the princess as badly as he did
because she was the princess of the colony and if they ever were a couple
then Z would eventually become the princesses mate. I think that this is some
what similar to humans ways of trying to work themselves to the top. In
general, humans try to find a mate who is a successful, and high to the top. If a
person unsucceeds in finding a successful mate, he or she will find another
person to fall in love with. If that person turns out to be a highly successful
person, his or her mate will fall deeper in love because of the fact that the
person is more successful than they thought. This is similar to Z and the
princess Bala, because Z met a beautiful ant, and once he found out that she
was the princess, he fell for her more strongly. I think that this is a way of
working to the top because you find a highly successful person, and they will
bring you up with them, just as Z did in the movie, and most humans attempt
to do. In the movie Antz, another aspect which is similar to the way that
humans live, is by living, and obeying by one controller or the government. We
humans live by the rules of the government in charge, we follow rules, we pay
our taxes, and we basically do whatever it is that the government in charge
wants us to do. In the movie Antz every ant that lives is controlled by one
ant. It is not made very clear in this movie who is the controller. Mandible
makes all of the rules, and does all of the speeches, but it is usually the queen
ant that is the leader of the whole ant colony, but in this movie, it doesnt really
show the queen making many decisions. I would suspect that sergeant
Mandible is the leader, or the government of the ant colony. Every ant has
to obey his rules, or else they get into trouble with him, and they have to face
Mandibles consequences. The ant colony in this movie is sort of run like a
socialist society. At birth, the ants are places as either a worker, or as a
soldier, and they grow up with no choice but to be what they were names as.

The rich, which is the queen, the princess, and every other ant that lives

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