Thesis in them), observance, or for use as

Thesis statement – Scientist should not be allowed to use animals for science.(due to the torment they endure, the disobeying of the AWA (Animal Welfare Act)  …(other reasons)…)    Scientists are hurting and killing animals in very inhumane ways. By toxic chemical, and harmful gases, many different types of drugs, they get them sick and then heal them with medicine and most of the time they won’t heal much at all.

The side effects can vary according to all the test subjects; some lab animals may die a fast and painless death others may suffer a long time. The scientist will torture the animals by burning the animals causing them to burn to death or suffer the burn for the rest of their life.  The animals can also be infected with a virus that can make them suffer for a long time, even all their life; along with some or all of their senses. Even some losing their important limbs and having to deal with it for the rest of their life. “Chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical research laboratories use live animals to test everything from shampoo to surgical procedures. There are more than 115 million dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, and other mammals that suffer and die each year.

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” (Down to Earth)Eighty percent of mice, rats, and birds are not counted. For research and teaching labs, animals are merely disposable tools. The animals utilized in labs are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act.

The Act’s job is to make sure that minimum care and treatment are given certain animals.  to assure that animals are purposefully used in research facilities (not injured in them), observance, or for use as pets are provided humane care and treatment; secondly to assure the humane treatment of animals during transportation in commerce.  analyze Animals in B.C. Fraser Valley were being abused in horrible ways. It was what they call  absolutely sickening, alleged animal abuse by a chicken-catching service in B.C.

‘s Fraser Valley. The corporation would throw the chickens against the wall and abuse them when being unruly and disobedient.  “It’s some of the worst — and I don’t say that lightly this time — animal cruelty and abuse that I’ve seen in some time,” said B.C. SPCA spokesperson Marcie Moriarty. Some scientists take animal cruelty to a whole new level and they clone animals.There are other times when lab animals are mistreated, like in experiments in class.

A student did an experiment to see how a rat, mouse, a rabbit, and other rodents would, act in a cage together. The animals were locked up in a small cage and were treated like they were not a living creature. The animals were caged up in an inhumane way with no room to stretch their legs or even to get comfortable; just a cramped up area for the rodents.

According to (site name or article), it states, “The Stony Brook case was precipitated by a videotape of a 1984 experiment that surfaced in December 1987. A student of Prof. Charles Williams in an ecology and evolution class caged a rabbit, a mouse, and a rat with a ferret to demonstrate the ferret’s predatory nature.” The teachers and the student himself violated the 1985 Animal Welfare Act. Another case where a student came to class with two dead animals bought from a pet store, he bought a bunny and a guinea pig. The student gutted the guinea pig and bunny and then skinned both animals.

Not only did he bring the two gutted and skinned animals to school the student also cooking them in class as an experiment and the teacher permitted it and then allowed students to exit the room because the smell and the image cooking animals were too terrifying for the students. They just had to leave the room. Due to the situation, the students were put in, this was brought to court due to the fact that it has terrified many of the students and it was inhumane. “We were told a judge and a jury have to make a call based on what community standards are,” she said. “It would not be considered unjustifiable because the animals were eaten.” Analyze All in all, using animals as test subjects for science is inhumane. It causes many animals to die in harmful and painful ways.

Some animals have to live with some permeate damage done to them for the rest of their animal life. In the end, animals should not be used in experiments since it is just inhumane and violates the 1985 Animal Welfare Act.  (Tie it back to the thesis)


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