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These are the top three products that i think are the best and work most efficiently. For the firstone i think that the milking machine should be the top one because its very important to our dailylives because many people drink milk and use it for recipes.

The second one is the cotton gin ,the cotton gin makes working in fields with cotton so much more easier than it used to be. Andlast but not least the GPS / driverless tractor its a very smart idea and helps farmers out. Thoseare the top three products i chose and heres why with more details…

.The milking machine is a very important tool and i think should be considered the top one. Themilking machine provides faster and more efficient ways to get milk.

The teats clamps on to thecows utters and a vacuum like tool sucks the milk , without hurting the cow. You could alwaysuse your hands for this job but this way you could get a lot more done in a less amount of time.The milking machine is a small helping hand to all farmers with cows.In second place is the cotton gin, the cotton gin is so much faster at collecting cotton than how itused to be.

This tool separates the seeds from the actual cotton , cutting the time in half that itused take to get this done. This product was made in 1793 and changed the way cotton wouldbe picked for many years to come. The seeds taken out of the cotton are used later to plant morecotton or cottonseed oil. The cotton gin makes the job a lot faster and easier for the cottonfarmer.Last but not least in third place is the driverless/gps tractor. This product is called the driverlesstractor because there is no human operating it. In 1950 Ford created one and its name was “thesniffer” but it was not put out for sale because it couldn’t function without wire underground.

Thisinvention is valued in many ways , and lets the farmers get extra work done because you don’thave to drive the tractor around the farm. The driverless tractor gets around because of theGPS , which gives signals and directions to the tractor.All of these inventions / products are very important because without them we wouldn’t have thethings we need or use in our everyday life. Considering we get most of our milk from the greatmilking machine , our warm clothes that we wear on day to day bases that are made out ofcotton, and we wouldn’t be able to collect crops in a fast way without the tractor. All of theseproducts contribute to our everyday lives even though we might not realize it. Those are theproducts that i think deserve to be in the best top 3. 


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