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These days, we live in a world of endless and nonstop convenience.

Having network access in a home is about as common as electricity, and online video streaming is just as easily accessible. While this has made life very easy for many a person, it has also given people a reason to be unproductive, turning them into mindless spectators with nothing very significant to offer to the world. One of the most prolific advents of this transition is the availability of pornography and other adult entertainment. Today, pornography is more available to the common person than ever, and it has produced some serious consequences that ought to be addressed, by group and individual alike. The fact that it exists is not as much a problem as the accessibility of it; I am certain that adult entertainment consumption would decrease if it was one ounce more difficult to access, but we are not seeing this. What we see instead are adult entertainment websites and video streaming being unusually easy to access. One look at the most visited websites in the world, which can be seen here, will reveal that adult websites are just as commonly visited as any other website.

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This kind of access, combined with the massive sense of instant gratification that pornography provides can lead to disaster. So we know what the dangers of pornography present to the individual. What kind of dangers do they present to family values? Can pornography affect family values? The answer is yes, and not in a good way. For example, one of the most significant family values is honesty. And the question must be asked: Is anybody honest about their adult materials consumption around family members? We know that the answer is no, as this young man details in this article.

There are many other examples of this and it is even part of pop culture, as documented in the American Pie movie franchise and other movies and TV shows that revolve around sexuality. Another major family value is the act of doing things together, as well as staying together. Building on the last observation, pornography is something one usually watches alone, and if you have a family and watch pornography, how much time does that take away from family time? And what kind of example does that set for others in your family who desire your company? One other thing that pornography can do to an individual is warp their concept of relationships, which will eventually cause the person who watches it to experience a significant decline in the quality of their relationships. According to this article, people who consume pornography use it as a space holder between relationships. In the long term, it affects their ability to actively maintain a healthy relationship. This happens because of the effect that pornography has on a person’s concept of relationships. Another observation from the same article drives the point home, as someone in the article states that dealing with other peoples’ feelings and emotions is not necessary when watching pornography.

Family values revolve around healthy relationships, togetherness, and honesty. Pornography affects both, and takes away from all three. If you have any interest in raising a family, it is highly advised that you do not consume any pornography, or at least be very aware of your pornography consumption to where you know when you have crossed certain lines.


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